In a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the iconic hip-hop group De La Soul took the stage to celebrate the 35th anniversary of their classic album “3 Feet High and Rising” by performing their hit track “Eye Know”. The performance was a lively and energetic display of the group’s unique style and talent.

De La Soul, consisting of members Posdnuos, Trugoy the Dove, and Maseo, along with their friend Prince Paul, kicked off the performance by introducing themselves to the audience. They likened their musical collaboration to cooking a 35-year-old dish named “Eye Know” and humorously mentioned the simple ingredients they needed to create their masterpiece.

Starting with whistles, the group set the tone and added beats to build up the rhythm. As the performance progressed, they incorporated various elements into the mix, including claps and saxophone sounds approved by Kenny Chi.

To add depth and richness to the performance, guitars and horns were introduced, enhancing the overall musical experience. The crowd couldn’t help but sway and groove to the infectious beats and melodic layers.

Amidst the musical extravaganza, De La Soul playfully incorporated a reference to Donald Fagen, adding a touch of surprise and spice to the performance. The combination of all these elements resulted in an extraordinary fusion of sounds, leaving the audience captivated by the group’s creativity and talent.

The energy and enthusiasm of De La Soul were not only evident in their music but also in their interaction with the crowd. At one point, the group paused to take a selfie, capturing the unforgettable moment and making it all the more memorable.

As the performance came to a close, De La Soul expressed their gratitude to the audience and bid farewell, leaving the crowd in awe of their incredible stage presence and undeniable talent.

The performance of “Eye Know” was undeniably a highlight of The Late Show. De La Soul‘s ability to effortlessly blend different musical elements and deliver an electrifying performance truly showcased their status as hip-hop legends.

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[Video: “Eye Know” performance by De La Soul on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert]