In a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, viewers were treated to a special appearance by the talented and rising star, Michael J. Fox. Known for his role in the hit movie Back to the Future, as well as the upcoming film Teen Wolf, Fox’s star power is on the rise.

During the interview, Johnny Carson, the legendary host, welcomed Fox to the show with thunderous applause. The conversation took an interesting turn when Carson asked Fox about his height. Fox, known for his shorter stature, handled the question with ease, stating that it has always worked to his advantage. He even shared a funny anecdote about being the go-to person for crawling through small spaces as a kid.

As the interview continued, Fox reflected on his journey in the entertainment industry. He started acting at a young age, often playing characters younger than his actual age. He revealed that at one point, he hoped to continue growing taller but eventually accepted his height and embraced it as part of his identity.

Born in Canada, Fox made the move to the United States when he was 18. He quickly found success, landing roles in series like Palmerstown USA, Family Ties, and Lou Grant. However, he experienced a period of struggle when work became scarce. Despite the setbacks, Fox managed to navigate the challenges, relying on the money he had saved and even selling off furniture to make ends meet.

As the conversation shifted to his recent success, Fox shared some of the investments he made during his peak earning years. He humorously revealed that after witnessing flashy sports cars driven by younger actors, he decided to get one for himself as a way to get back at them. He also purchased a house in the Hills, with the surroundings reminding him of his native Canada.

Carson, always curious about his guests’ personal lives, playfully asked about Fox’s romantic endeavors. While Fox didn’t reveal too much, he acknowledged that he has been seeing someone for a while but due to his busy schedule, there’s still room for more in his life.

The interview concluded with discussion about Fox’s upcoming film, Back to the Future, which was set to release on August 9th. Fox shared the fascinating premise of the movie, where his character, Marty, travels back in time and unintentionally interferes with his parents’ meeting, jeopardizing his future existence. The film promised an exciting and intriguing story that would keep audiences captivated.

As Johnny Carson bid farewell to his talented guest, the audience was left eagerly awaiting Fox’s next projects and basking in the charm and wit that he brought to The Tonight Show stage.

Originally aired on July 25, 1985