John Travolta and Kirstie Alley made a memorable appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The duo, who were attending the premiere of their movie Look Who’s Talking, brought their energetic and dynamic personalities to the talk show.

During the interview, Johnny Carson couldn’t help but comment on Travolta’s weight, jokingly suggesting that he needed to “beef up” before filming. Travolta admitted that he tends to gain weight when working on a movie, attributing it to the need to maintain energy and stamina during intense filming schedules.

The conversation then turned to the nerve-wracking experience of attending movie premieres. Alley revealed that she doesn’t particularly enjoy watching herself on screen, especially when others are present to scrutinize her performance. Carson asked if it’s difficult to gauge genuine reactions from people who offer compliments after watching a film. Alley admitted that it can be challenging, as sometimes people offer superficial praise rather than genuine feedback.

Carson inquired about the chemistry between Travolta and Alley, who had worked together for close to three years. The actors candidly discussed the evolution of their relationship, sharing that their on-screen chemistry had grown more comfortable since their first movie together. Alley described how their initial tentativeness had given way to a playful banter that continued even when the cameras weren’t rolling.

One of the highlights of the interview was the discussion of Alley’s unique home, which Carson described as a veritable menagerie. Alley admitted to having a love for animals and shared that her home was filled with a variety of pets, including parrots, dogs, cats, and lemurs. She even joked that her home was so full of animals that it often resembled a zoo.

The interview also touched on the challenges of working with child actors, particularly during scenes that required emotional depth. Travolta and Alley praised the young actor who portrayed their child in the movie, expressing amazement at his ability to convey genuine emotion at such a young age.

As the interview came to a close, Carson took the opportunity to wish Travolta and Alley luck with the premiere of Look Who’s Talking. The movie, which opened in theaters nationwide, promised to be a hit with audiences.

Overall, the appearance of John Travolta and Kirstie Alley on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was a lively and entertaining segment. The banter between the actors and Carson’s charm created a delightful atmosphere, leaving viewers eager to catch their latest film, Look Who’s Talking.

Originally aired on December 13, 1990