On a recent episode of the chat show “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross,” the legendary wildlife presenter Sir David Attenborough made a compelling case for the existence of mythical creatures. The audience erupted in applause as Sir David took the stage, displaying no signs of slowing down as he approaches his 82nd birthday.

During the interview, Jonathan Ross congratulated Sir David on his upcoming birthday and his incredibly busy schedule over the past year. Sir David has been honored with two degrees, adding to his already impressive list of titles, including Sir David Attenborough om CH CBO CBE FRS. Not only that, but a fossil has even been named after him – “Bathonautes Attenboroughi,” a 500 million-year-old fish with a unique reproductive system.

Previously, it was believed that fish reproduced through the female laying eggs. However, this fish was discovered with its baby attached by an umbilical cord, suggesting viviparous reproduction. This finding challenges previous assumptions and makes “Bathonautes Attenboroughi” the first known animal on Earth to have copulated intercourse. Sir David jokingly questioned why the fish was named after him, to which Jonathan Ross playfully responded that he is a “sexy older dude.”

Continuing the discussion, Sir David shared his joy over the release of his 15-DVD box set, “Life on Land,” which covers a vast array of life forms on our planet. With an easy-to-use index system, the collection allows viewers to explore different species and topics quickly. From the duck-billed platypus to the alarm calls of various animals, the box set offers an incredible wealth of information.

Despite his extensive travels and encounters with dangerous animals, Sir David emphasized the importance of caution and careful planning during wildlife filming. He mentioned the nerve-racking experience of speaking in front of the camera while an unpredictable and potentially dangerous animal loomed behind him.

Jonathan Ross expressed his admiration for Sir David’s close encounters with animals and the many defense mechanisms he has observed. Sir David admitted to being amazed by the wonders of nature and how different species have developed their unique characteristics.

The conversation took an introspective turn when Jonathan Ross asked Sir David about his views on religion. Sir David shared his agnostic viewpoint, stating that while he does not have a definitive belief in God, he does not see evolution and belief in God as mutually exclusive.

The discussion veered back to modern technology, and despite being in his 80s, Sir David revealed that he does use gadgets like an iPod and downloads content. He even mentioned using the internet occasionally, mostly to communicate with his grandchildren, who live in Australia. The advent of technology has made it possible for Sir David to stay connected with his family in ways that previously would have been impossible.

Towards the end of the interview, Jonathan Ross asked Sir David about his future travel plans. Sir David expressed his weariness of the crowded and stressful environments of airports but admitted that he still has a fascination with visiting unexplored places, particularly Tibet. He believes that exploring the natural world can help shed light on undiscovered species, such as the abominable snowman or Yeti, which he finds intriguing due to the convincing footprints found at high altitudes.

Sir David’s enthusiasm for his work and his ability to captivate both children and adults with his captivating documentaries has made him a beloved figure. Jonathan Ross ended the interview by thanking Sir David for his incredible contributions to educating audiences about the natural world and expressed his hope that Sir David will continue to inspire and entertain for years to come.

In conclusion, Sir David Attenborough‘s appearance on “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” showcased his unmatched passion for the natural world and his ability to uncover and share its wonders with the world. His dedication, knowledge, and storytelling skills make him a true icon of wildlife entertainment.