In a surprising turn of events on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, veteran journalist Barbara Walters took control of the interview and managed to put Johnny Carson on the hot seat for once.

Known as the “High Priestess of the celebrity interview,” Barbara Walters has consistently been listed as one of the most influential women in the country. With her years of experience and expertise, she has interviewed countless celebrities and has become a household name.

Carson, who had known Walters for a number of years, welcomed her on the show and jokingly asked if she liked being called the “High Priestess.” Walters, with her usual charm, responded with a smile.

The interview took an unexpected turn when Walters revealed that she had been trying to get Carson to do an interview with her for the past eight years. To everyone’s surprise, Carson agreed to the interview, which had been recorded just two days prior.

As the interview progressed, Walters demonstrated her impeccable interviewing skills, even managing to get Carson to open up about personal experiences. She playfully asked him about his first sexual experience, and for a moment, it seemed like Carson was actually going to share the details. However, it was all in good fun, and both Walters and Carson laughed it off.

Walters admitted that one of the challenges of being an interviewer is making the guests feel comfortable enough to reveal personal details. She acknowledged that her ability to put people at ease is what sets her interviews apart, allowing her to elicit candid responses from her subjects.

During their chat, Walters and Carson discussed the power of the media and how interviews can shape public perception. Walters shared that she often thinks about the impact she can have when she interviews influential figures, such as world leaders. By talking to people who won’t talk to each other, she is able to bridge gaps and facilitate conversation in a way that politicians cannot.

The conversation then shifted to Walters herself, as Carson asked her about her standing as one of the most influential women of our time. Walters, always modest, deflected the question, saying she doesn’t think about it too much.

Despite being seen as a powerful figure in the industry, Walters revealed that she no longer possesses the same ambition and passion as she did in her earlier years. She expressed that she’s ready to enjoy life a little more and take a step back from climbing mountains.

Towards the end of the interview, Walters mused about her future and what she would do if she weren’t a journalist. She jokingly mentioned her childhood dream of becoming a tap dancer, bringing a lighthearted moment to the conversation.

As the interview concluded, it was evident that Walters had effortlessly turned the tables on Carson, showcasing her skill for captivating interviews. The full interview, which was filmed, will be aired later in December on another network.

Barbara Walters, with her talent and charm, continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment journalism. Her ability to connect with celebrities and bring out their most authentic selves is unmatched. As for Johnny Carson, he now knows that no one is safe from Barbara Walters‘ captivating interviewing techniques.

Originally aired on November 8, 1983