During the latest episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the host delivered a monologue that had the audience in stitches. Corden kicked things off by asking if anyone had watched the basketball game the night before. When it was revealed that he hadn’t watched it, Corden hilariously expressed his indifference towards the Los Angeles Lakers and their basketball team.

One thing that particularly irked Corden was the music that constantly played at the Staples Center during Lakers games. He found it off-putting and couldn’t understand why other teams didn’t do the same. It seemed like every time a team scored against the Lakers, the music would start blaring in the background, which Corden found odd.

Corden then went on to humorously compare his experience at Wimbledon, where the atmosphere is more subdued, to the U.S. Open, which he described as very American. He jokingly suggested that if Serena Williams showed up in a monster truck, everyone would be thrilled. The contrast between the two events left Corden amused.

After their lighthearted banter, Corden proceeded to deliver some news. The White House had unveiled new protections for renters in response to soaring rent costs, including a renter’s Bill of Rights. However, Corden humorously pointed out that it was more of a “list of hopes” rather than a binding bill.

The monologue took a political turn when Corden mentioned the reception hosted by President Biden for new House members at the White House. Dozens of Republicans boycotted the event due to required COVID protocols. Corden playfully questioned why anyone would care enough to boycott an open bar.

The jovial atmosphere continued as Corden poked fun at a report revealing that only 32 percent of employees feel passionate about their jobs. He joked that young employees, like himself, are always disgruntled and disloyal, which would make a great title for someone’s memoir.

In a lighter segment, Corden shared a news story about Philadelphia facing a severe shortage of lifeguards for their municipal pools. He found it hilarious and slightly concerning that the city was allowing people to apply for lifeguard positions even if they didn’t know how to swim. The absurdity of the situation had the audience laughing along with Corden.

The monologue ended on a high note as Corden celebrated Trader Joe’s annual list of shopper favorites. Butter chicken had dethroned the long-time favorite, orange chicken, as the top item. Corden playfully teased his colleague, Nick Bernstein, for regularly eating Trader Joe’s butter chicken. The enthusiastic response from Corden and the audience showcased their shared love for the product.

All in all, the monologue on The Late Late Show with James Corden was entertaining and light-hearted. Corden’s comedic delivery and playful banter kept the audience engaged throughout, proving once again why he is a talented late-night talk show host.