In a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Lewis Hamilton, the former Formula 1 driver champion, sat down to discuss his career, rivalries, and his love for his English Bulldog, Rosco. The transcript of the interview unveils Hamilton’s thoughts and emotions as he reflects on his journey in Formula 1.

As the only driver to have won the championship title three times, Hamilton shared his excitement and pride about reaching the same level as his childhood idol, Ayrton Senna. He mentioned that equalling Senna’s championship record was an amazing feeling, and he is now curious about what lies ahead for him in the sport.

During the interview, Hamilton also revealed that he negotiated his own contract extension for three more years, showcasing his determination and business savvy. He learned a lot from his dad, who had managed him until the age of 24, but felt the need to take control of his own career.

When asked about the psychology of risk in Formula 1, Hamilton stated that he has never had any fear factors and always felt in control. Despite the dangers associated with the sport, he finds crashing to be exhilarating, although he acknowledges the seriousness of the situations.

Apart from his successful career in racing, Hamilton is known for his love of animals, particularly his two dogs, Rosco and Coco. He shared heartwarming stories of his childhood, where his dad made sacrifices to support his go-karting dreams. Hamilton’s humble beginnings and journey to success demonstrate his appreciation for the opportunities he has been given.

The interview also touched on the rivalry between Hamilton and his competitor, Nico Rosberg. Hamilton disclosed that they had been friends since their early racing days but acknowledged the friction and competition that comes with being in the same sport. Despite being number one, Hamilton showed respect and empathy towards Rosberg, choosing to focus on their on-track rivalry rather than rubbing in his success.

Notably, the interview took a lighthearted turn when Hamilton brought out his English Bulldog, Coco, showcasing his love for his furry companions. The humorous exchange between Hamilton and Jonathan Ross added a joyful touch to the conversation.

As the interview wrapped up, Hamilton reflected on his career and the advice he would give his younger self. He emphasized the importance of listening to his dad and acknowledged that his father’s guidance was always right.

Concluding the interview, Hamilton expressed his gratitude for the support he has received and his determination to continue achieving success in Formula 1. The interview not only provided an insight into Hamilton’s perspective on Formula 1 rivalries and the psychology of risk but also showcased his down-to-earth nature and love for his four-legged friends.