David Letterman had another hilarious guest on his talk show recently, and this time it was the witty and talented comedian, Bill Burr. During his appearance, Burr had the audience laughing throughout the entire segment with his sharp and witty observations on politics and childhood obesity.

As Burr took the stage, Letterman introduced him as a “very funny gentleman” who would be performing at the Improv Comedy Club in Washington DC. Right from the beginning, Burr had the audience engaged and entertained with his quick humor.

One of the topics Burr touched upon was politics. He shared an amusing anecdote about a friend of his who is passionate about politics but doesn’t actually read or research anything. Burr found this hilarious, especially when his friend expressed hatred towards former President George Bush without being able to explain why. Burr humorously imitated his friend, mimicking his simplistic views on complex issues like the Middle East, saying, “Dude, we should just nuke them.”

Burr then went on to express his admiration for George Bush, jokingly stating that Bush made him feel like he could be president too. According to Burr, Bush’s lack of preparation and off-the-cuff speeches resonated with him. He hilariously described Bush as someone from his “reading level” and his “math class,” emphasizing their shared aversion to preparation.

Switching gears, Burr lightheartedly addressed the issue of childhood obesity, poking fun at the media’s portrayal of it as an epidemic. He questioned how children could become so out of shape at such a young age and placed the blame squarely on the parents. Burr humorously suggested that parents should simply stop feeding their children or offer them plates of seaweed, jokingly adding, “I own you until you’re 18. Do some jumping jacks.”

Throughout the segment, Bill Burr had the audience in stitches with his humorous take on politics and childhood obesity. His quick wit and delivery kept the energy high and left the audience wanting more. With his impressive comedic talent, it’s no wonder Burr is a sought-after performer in the comedy circuit.

Fans of his stand-up won’t want to miss his upcoming shows at the Improv Comedy Club in Washington DC from March 1st to the 5th. Bill Burr‘s appearance on David Letterman‘s talk show was yet another memorable and chuckle-inducing performance from this talented comedian.