Robert Downey Jr. made an appearance on the talk show with David Letterman to promote his new film “Iron Man”. The Academy Award-nominated actor discussed his experience working on the film and his physical transformation for the role. Downey Jr. revealed that he had to be in tremendous shape for the movie, but also joked about not maintaining that level of fitness outside of filming.

During the interview, Downey Jr. shared his whirlwind global tour to promote the film, which included stops in Australia, Korea, Germany, France, Italy, and the UK before finally returning to the US. He talked about the combination of exhaustion and fun that comes with traveling the world to promote a movie.

Letterman also brought up Downey Jr.’s recent experience of opening the stock market. Downey Jr. humorously described the experience as a significant financial milestone and a testament to his success.

The conversation took a personal turn when Letterman asked about Downey Jr.’s son, Indio. Downey Jr. shared that his 14-year-old son was surprisingly well-adjusted despite growing up surrounded by the Hollywood lifestyle. He joked about potentially getting him a “ghastly” summer job to keep his humility intact.

The conversation then shifted back to “Iron Man,” with Letterman expressing his initial lack of interest in superhero movies. However, he admitted that the combination of the material and Downey Jr.’s performance had sparked his interest. Downey Jr. credited the director, Jon Favreau, for making the movie special by allowing for improvisation and rewriting scenes on set.

Downey Jr. also discussed the challenges of directing a superhero film and the importance of balancing practical and CGI effects. He emphasized the collaborative nature of the filmmaking process and how Favreau’s unique sensibilities contributed to the film’s success.

The interview concluded with a discussion about Downey Jr.’s action figure and his son’s reaction to his father’s on-screen persona. Downey Jr. shared that his son found it delightful and even suggested placing the action figure on the set.

Overall, the interview was a lively and entertaining conversation between Robert Downey Jr. and David Letterman, highlighting the excitement and anticipation surrounding the release of “Iron Man.” Fans of the film and both celebrities would surely enjoy watching this engaging talk show appearance.