In a recent appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Adam from the popular reality dating show Average Joe in 2004 sat down to discuss his experience and what he’s been up to since the show ended. The conversation started with Ellen asking Adam how the show worked for those who may not be familiar with it.

Adam explained that after the first show aired, girls who were either upset that he lost or wanted to meet him wrote into NBC. From there, the cast was selected based on these girls, starting off with 19 and eventually narrowing it down to just five. Ellen found this concept interesting, noting that Adam suddenly became famous and started receiving attention from girls everywhere.

Adam agreed, acknowledging that it was a unique experience. He mentioned that whenever he would go out, people would recognize him and approach him because they had seen him on TV. Ellen pointed out that, unlike traditional celebrities, Adam was more approachable, which made the attention he was receiving a bit different.

Moving on, Ellen asked Adam about his interactions with the girls on the show. Adam revealed that he had learned a lot about their behavior by watching the show back. It was like getting an education, he said. Ellen made a funny observation, noting that every time Adam kissed a girl in the hot tub (which happened quite often), the sound of coyotes howling would fill the air. Adam found this hilarious as well, jokingly wondering if the coyotes were calling him a pervert.

The conversation then shifted to Adam‘s decision to not pursue a relationship with the additional models that were brought onto the show. Ellen commended Adam for his choice, and he explained that he already had a connection with five girls, so bringing more people into the mix seemed unnecessary. He wanted the girls to enjoy the experience to the fullest without any distractions.

Ellen praised Adam‘s loyalty to the girls and his decision not to share that he had the opportunity to bring in more models. Adam didn’t want their joyful experience to be compromised in any way. He wanted them to continue having the time of their lives, which in turn made the show more enjoyable for him.

As the interview neared its end, Ellen asked Adam about his current relationship status. Adam revealed that he had picked someone on the show, and they were still together. While he didn’t think getting engaged after three weeks was realistic, he did believe that he had found someone he could genuinely date and develop a real relationship with.

Unfortunately, Adam was tight-lipped about revealing who this lucky lady was or where she lived. However, he did express his happiness in finding someone special. Ellen, in her usual kind and supportive manner, expressed her happiness for him as well, emphasizing that she genuinely liked him. Adam reciprocated the sentiment, and the interview concluded on a positive note.

For fans of Average Joe, don’t miss the two-hour season finale airing tonight on NBC. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and revelations from this captivating show.