Fans of the iconic talk show host David Letterman were treated to a unique and entertaining segment on the show recently. In this particular episode, David Letterman invited Mishi Mishi, the smallest man on the planet, to join him on stage. The audience couldn’t contain their excitement as Mishi Mishi made his grand entrance.

At just 5’7 and a half inches tall, Mishi Mishi is truly a wonder of nature. David Letterman, always quick-witted, couldn’t help but ask him some intriguing questions. From inquiring about his living arrangements to asking if he can drive, David Letterman kept the conversation alive and light-hearted.

The audience was amazed by Mishi Mishi‘s adorable little shoes specially made for him. It seems that no detail is too small when it comes to accommodating the smallest man on the planet. The segment provided a fascinating insight into Mishi Mishi‘s life and left everyone in awe of his well-proportioned physique.

Moving on to the CBS mailbag, David Letterman took the opportunity to answer some letters from fans. One Swedish viewer expressed curiosity about David’s fascination with Swedes. David humorously shared his love for all things Swedish, even showing off his collection of Time Life books on the mysteries of the Swedes. The audience couldn’t help but chuckle.

Addressing another letter, David took a moment to compliment Oprah Winfrey and express his respect for her. In a fun twist, David introduced a new segment on his show, “Paul Schaer Slanders the Meat Industry,” which paid homage to the influential Oprah Winfrey Show. The audience was entertained by Paul’s witty commentary on the meat industry.

One fan from Charlottesville, Virginia, asked David about his favorite charity. Although David usually prefers to do good deeds quietly, he graciously opened up about a particular charity close to his heart. The show even shared footage of a recent fundraising event that David hosted. It was heartwarming to see David’s dedication to giving back.

To add some excitement to the episode, David shared a surprise plan involving sending his kitty to college. The audience eagerly awaited the appearance of the adorable feline and, to top it off, Mishi Mishi, the world’s smallest man, would stand next to the kitty. It was an unexpected and endearing moment that left everyone smiling.

Before wrapping up the episode, David had one more surprise in store. Wanting to make physics class more fun, he enlisted the help of Pat Farmer, a stagehand, to demonstrate Newton’s first law of motion. With a drumroll and a swift pull of a tablecloth, Pat successfully showcased the law, leaving the audience in awe of his skills.

This episode of David Letterman‘s talk show was filled with laughter, surprises, and heartwarming moments. From the delightful interaction with Mishi Mishi to the entertaining letters from fans, David Letterman once again proved why he is a beloved and iconic figure in the world of late-night entertainment.