Olivia Munn, best known for her roles in “Perfect Couples” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” made an appearance on the talk show hosted by the legendary David Letterman. During the interview, Olivia shared some interesting anecdotes about her personal life and career.

The conversation began with Olivia expressing her excitement about being on the show, especially alongside her favorite comedian, Kevin James. She shared that when she and her little brother went through their parents’ divorce, they found solace in bonding over Kevin James‘ standup comedy.

David Letterman empathized with Olivia about the difficult years leading up to her parents’ divorce. However, Olivia reassured him that she and her brother had a great stepfather who came into their lives afterward. She emphasized the importance of not staying in relationships that aren’t healthy, even for the sake of the children.

Letterman then asked Olivia about her upbringing and mentioned that she was born in Oklahoma but spent most of her childhood in Japan since her stepfather was in the military. Olivia explained that moving back to Oklahoma when she was 16 was challenging because she had to adjust to different fashion trends and culture.

In a surprising revelation, Olivia shared how she made friends at her new high school in Oklahoma. Feeling lonely, she decided to throw a party at her house. To her surprise, some students found out about it and distributed flyers with directions to her home, effectively turning it into a popular event. Olivia admitted that although it seemed sad, it actually helped her make friends and feel more accepted.

Letterman prodded Olivia about whether there were any consequences to hosting such a massive party, and Olivia confessed that the police did end up showing up. To avoid getting in trouble, she recalled pretending to be asleep in her bedroom, a trick that surprisingly worked.

The conversation shifted to Olivia’s career, where she mentioned her role on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and her upcoming movie with Sarah Jessica Parker called “I Don’t Know How She Does It.” Olivia also discussed her involvement in the NBC show, “Perfect Couples,” and how she juggled her schedule between filming the show and appearing on “The Daily Show.”

Throughout the interview, Olivia’s charm and wit shone through. Despite talking about challenging times in her life, she remained positive and grateful for the experiences that shaped her into the person she is today. David Letterman commended her resilience and wished her luck in her future endeavors.

Olivia Munn‘s appearance on David Letterman‘s talk show showcased her candor and charismatic personality. Her stories about high school party tricks and life in the entertainment industry provided an entertaining and lively interview that left viewers wanting to see more of this talented actress.