On a recent episode of the talk show hosted by the legendary David Letterman, viewers were treated to an entertaining segment featuring viewer mail. As always, Letterman’s wit and charm were on full display as he read and responded to letters from actual viewers.

The segment began with Letterman reassuring the audience that the viewer mail was indeed real. He humorously mentioned that if it weren’t real, he wouldn’t be able to do what he was doing. He then went on to clarify that the viewer mail segment was exclusive to his talk show, as it wouldn’t be appropriate for the late movie on CBS.

The first letter came from Linda in St. Petersburg, Florida, who asked if Letterman was the man afraid of ink. The quick-witted host replied that he wasn’t afraid of ink, but rather afraid of Link, jokingly referring to an unknown culprit. This lighthearted banter set the tone for the rest of the segment.

The next letter, from Pete in Evanston, Illinois, shared a money-saving trick for the new year. Pete suggested reusing old calendars from 1974, claiming they would still work for the year 1985. Letterman acknowledged the suggestion and even attempted it himself, but not without some unfortunate results, as a video clip revealed.

One viewer, Brian in Mission Viejo, California, questioned why Letterman always pets the dog during the “stupid pet tricks” segment and asks how it’s doing. Letterman playfully responded by asking how it’s going, addressing the dog as “dude” and expressing his excitement to see it.

The segment took an unexpected turn when a viewer named Tim, a graduate assistant from NYU, expressed his distaste for Letterman’s remark about Cher Yenko not being able to celebrate another birthday. Letterman, appreciating the use of the word “jingoism” in the letter, admitted to occasionally poking fun at the Soviet Union but assured the viewer that their letter would be sent to a group who would find it interesting.

The final letter of the segment, from Jeff Wayne, asked why Letterman never wears a bow tie. With a hint of reluctance, Letterman deferred discussing the topic, stating that it was something from the past that he would rather not delve into.

This viewer mail segment showcased the engaging and witty style of David Letterman, with his quick comebacks and humorous interactions with viewers. It’s no wonder why his talk show remains a favorite among audiences.