Conan O’Brien recently had a fascinating conversation on his talk show about the challenges faced by libraries when it comes to book controversies. In the interview, Conan asked his guest about the ongoing issue of parents wanting to ban certain books from libraries due to their perception of political messages or themes.

The guest, a librarian, shared her experiences with annual Pride displays being met with complaints, despite the fact that the collection represents just a fraction of the overall books available. She emphasized that libraries serve a diverse community and that these books are important for those who identify with them.

Conan expressed his admiration for librarians and their dedication to expanding a child’s horizons through books. He spoke passionately about the noble profession of teaching and the magical work done by librarians. He expressed sympathy for library workers who are caught up in unfounded conspiracy theories about books having sinister agendas.

The conversation then turned to the topic of fairy tales. The librarian mentioned that she is a fan of dark fairy tales and that even children can handle darker material within the boundaries of a book. She cited examples from the Brothers Grimm, where cannibalism and redemption are prevalent themes.

Conan joined the discussion, showcasing his knowledge of fairy tales and their various interpretations. He humorously emphasized the gruesome aspects of certain fairy tales and their modern equivalents, highlighting how these dark stories resonate with audiences even today.

The conversation took a humorous turn as Conan shared his fascination with the concept of being a bridge troll in a fairy tale universe. He played around with the idea, describing himself as a mischievous trickster who asks people three challenging questions and allows them to cross the bridge only if they answer correctly. His imaginary troll persona even had a profitable podcast, making light of the growing podcast industry.

In their playful banter, Conan and his guest explored the imaginative possibilities of fairy tales while injecting their trademark humor into the conversation. Their back-and-forth showcased their shared love for books and storytelling, and it was evident that they saw books as an essential part of our cultural landscape rather than as a threat.

Conan’s talk show continues to provide a platform for interesting and thought-provoking discussions, where celebrities and experts alike can share their insights and entertain viewers. With his humor and charisma, Conan O’Brien makes every conversation lively and engaging, making his talk show a must-watch for fans of entertainment and comedy.