On a recent episode of the popular talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, legendary actor William Shatner made an appearance that had everyone talking. At 93 years old, Shatner is a living legend, known for his iconic roles in both the world of space exploration and on-screen. The interview focused on his new documentary, which delves into the fascinating life of this extraordinary individual.

From the moment Shatner stepped onto the stage, the energy in the room was palpable. Jimmy Kimmel introduced him as a legend of both space and screen, and the audience erupted in cheers and applause. Shatner, fondly referred to as Bill, looked great for his age and was in high spirits.

The conversation kicked off with Kimmel joking about Shatner’s recent birthday, and the actor humorously expressed suspicion about the applause he received. But age is just a number for this Hollywood icon. Shatner’s documentary, aptly titled “Call Me Bill,” reveals the incomparable passion he has for life, whether it’s talking, eating, exploring, or even loving.

As the interview progressed, Shatner shared anecdotes about his incredible journey. He reminisced about his time on Star Trek and playfully mentioned his infamous death scene. Kimmel mentioned the blood on his hands during that scene and how it looked like he had tangled with something out of this world. Shatner quickly dismissed the notion, explaining that it was all part of the acting experience.

But the real highlight of the evening came when Kimmel surprised Shatner with a specially arranged birthday celebration. A fire was lit, and 93 candles were placed on a cake near Shatner. The audience eagerly awaited the tradition of blowing out the candles, but Shatner, ever the entertainer, suggested inviting the audience to participate. Surrounded by goodwill and laughter, the celebration was a true reflection of Shatner’s charismatic personality.

The conversation then shifted to Shatner’s new documentary and his thoughts on watching it with an audience. Surprisingly, he revealed that he chose not to watch the film, as he already knows how his life story unfolds. A lighthearted moment ensued when Kimmel teased the idea of a surprise ending involving Shatner’s demise. The playful banter between the host and Shatner showcased the actor’s sense of humor and willingness to embrace life’s unpredictability.

The discussion took an emotional turn when Shatner spoke about his recent trip to space. Reflecting on his passion for advocating against global warming, he expressed his concern for the fragility of our planet. Looking at Earth from the unique vantage point of space, Shatner was moved by the realization that we are all vulnerable and that urgent action is needed.

Towards the end of the interview, Kimmel couldn’t resist bringing up Shatner’s famous death scene one more time. Sensing that Shatner wasn’t entirely satisfied with his performance, Kimmel offered him the chance for a do-over. With props and a somber atmosphere, the actor embarked on a reenactment of his final moments as Captain Kirk. The scene was both powerful and haunting, allowing Shatner to infuse the character with a fearlessness and joy that resonated with his iconic portrayal.

As the interview concluded, the audience gave Shatner a standing ovation, recognizing the incredible talent and impact he has had on the entertainment industry. With a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face, Shatner bid the audience farewell, inviting them to join the post-movie celebration happening later that evening.

William Shatner‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was a reminder of his enduring charm and magnetic presence. His new documentary offers a unique glimpse into the life of a man who continues to inspire with his passion, humor, and zest for life.