Conan O’Brien and his crew recently addressed a conspiracy theory that has been circulating on social media regarding their podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend.” The theory suggests that the crew changes outfits to make it appear like they record different segments on different days.

During a recent episode of the talk show, Conan brought up the theory, explaining that sometimes they do record parts of the podcast out of sync, but it’s not intentional. It seems that some fans have noticed that the crew often wears the same clothes while Conan and the guests have different outfits. This led to speculation that they are trying to create the illusion of recording on different days.

Conan quickly dismissed the theory, expressing his amusement at the idea that they would put that much thought into matching their outfits for each segment. He even pointed out that in many cases, it’s quite evident that they are not wearing the same clothes. However, he did joke that he changes his outfits multiple times a day, even when he’s just doing clerical work in the office.

The conspiracy theory also suggested that the crew’s unchanged outfits were evidence of them always being in the studio and recording multiple intros in a day. While Conan acknowledged that they do record more than 15 minutes a week, he brushed off the idea that they are doing it to commit the perfect crime, saying it’s all just a funny coincidence.

Conan did find it entertaining that fans are paying such close attention to the details and even proposed the idea of having uniforms for the entire team. Inspired by musician Jack White and his team at Third Man Records, Conan expressed his desire for everyone at Team Coco to wear similar outfits, except for himself, who would wear Admiral’s epaulets.

In the end, Conan and his crew laughed off the conspiracy theory, appreciating the dedication and attention their fans give to the show. So, while the theory may be intriguing, it seems that there’s no real evidence to support the claim that their outfits are a deliberate deception.