Jack Black made quite an impression on the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show. The talented actor and musician shared some hilarious and memorable moments during his appearance on the popular talk show.

Black, who had just returned from a promotional trip for the movie Kung Fu Panda in Korea and China, shared his amusing confusion about being involved in the film. Despite not lending his voice or face to the animated character, Black humorously admitted that being a “Bonafide Hollywood Legend” added to the promotional aspect of the film.

One interesting tidbit that emerged during the conversation was Black’s love for Elton John. He revealed that he had been obsessed with the legendary musician since the beginning and even expressed a desire to be like him. Black amused the audience by attempting to sing an Elton John song during the interview but admitted to having trouble remembering the lyrics.

In addition to discussing his admiration for Elton John, Black also took the opportunity to promote his new movie, Goosebumps. He revealed that he had written and performed a theme song for every movie he has been a part of, including Goosebumps. Black even treated the audience to a sneak peek of the catchy tune, showcasing his musical talents.

As the conversation continued, Black spoke about his experiences filming Goosebumps and shared a funny anecdote about a stunt gone wrong. He recounted a moment when he was riding on the back of a water buffalo during a scene. Unfortunately, the water buffalo got spooked and threw Black off, leaving him narrowly wedged between two boulders. Fortunately, Black emerged from the incident unscathed, and the story had a happy ending when the water buffalo gave birth to a baby that was named Jack.

Despite his success in the film industry, Black remains down-to-earth and admitted that he feels “lucky” to have such a fulfilling career. He credited his supportive family for his achievements and humorously shared his childhood aspiration to be the bionic man. Black even confessed to secretly stuffing wires in his shirt to make it appear as though he had bionic powers.

Overall, Jack Black‘s appearance on The Graham Norton Show was an entertaining and lively affair. The actor’s sense of humor and musical talents never fail to captivate audiences, and his anecdotes about the film industry provided fascinating insights. Fans of Black and talk shows will undoubtedly enjoy this episode of The Graham Norton Show, which showcased the actor’s unique charm and comedic timing.

Whether it’s belting out an Elton John song or sharing hilarious stories from his movie career, Jack Black never fails to entertain. His infectious enthusiasm and larger-than-life personality make him a joy to watch on talk shows like The Graham Norton Show.