Irish actor Andrew Scott recently appeared on the popular talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he discussed his recent role as a con artist in the new adaptation of The Talented Mr. Ripley, now available on Netflix. Known for his previous roles as Sherlock’s nemesis and Bond’s villain, Scott has gained significant recognition and has become a fan favorite, especially after his portrayal of the “Hot Priest” in the hit show Fleabag.

During the interview, Kimmel jokingly asked Scott if he was tired of being called the “Hot Priest,” to which he responded with a laugh, admitting that there are worse things he could be called. Scott even revealed that he has received letters from nuns, which he found amusing as he has always received letters from nuns, even before his role on Fleabag.

As an Irish actor hailing from Dublin, Scott discussed the strong camaraderie among Irish actors in the industry. He mentioned being friends with numerous actors like Killian Murphy, Paul McIlhenney, Jesse Buckley, Ruth Negga, Saoirse Ronin, Jamie Dornan, and Colin Farrell. Scott commented on their pleasant nature and emphasized the friendly and chatty characteristic of Irish people, which is perfect for a chat show like Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Scott also discussed his recent theatrical experience, where he played eight different characters in a play on the West End. This challenging task, which drove him to the brink of insanity, involved subtle changes in his voice and mannerisms to differentiate between the characters. Scott mentioned that it was important not to overdo the stereotypes and instead maintain a realistic portrayal of different people within the same family.

Kimmel was intrigued to learn about Scott’s understudy, who happened to be a female actress due to the play’s requirement of portraying both men and women. Scott explained that she never had the opportunity to perform since he never missed a show. Despite the challenging circumstances, Scott deeply admired the commitment and preparation required by understudies.

Moving onto his latest project, Scott shared his experience working on the Netflix adaptation of The Talented Mr. Ripley. Although initially intimidated by the popularity of the original film, he was drawn to the project by the director’s desire to create a film-noir aesthetic. Shot entirely in black and white, the series captures the crime-based essence of the early 1960s. As Scott plays Tom Ripley, he had to master both an American accent and speaking Italian, which he found intimidating but ultimately rewarding.

Reflecting on his attention to detail, Scott confessed that these subtle nuances were primarily for his own satisfaction. He acknowledged that most people may not even notice such intricacies but believed it was essential for a great performance. Despite the complexities, Scott’s dedication and hard work bring an authenticity to his roles that audiences appreciate.

The interview concluded with a discussion on Ripley’s release on Netflix and the overwhelmingly positive reviews it has received. Critics have praised Scott’s performance, often favorably comparing it to the previous portrayal by Matt Damon. Scott humorously acknowledged the compliments, knowing that they were not meant to be taken too seriously.

Andrew Scott‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live highlighted his versatility and dedication to his craft. From his breakout roles to his latest projects, Scott continues to captivate audiences with his talent and commitment to delivering memorable performances. With The Talented Mr. Ripley now available on Netflix, fans can witness Scott’s remarkable portrayal of the iconic character.