In a recent episode of the David Letterman talk show, also known as the “Barbara Gain Show,” David Letterman and Mary Barkley took their show on the road to Niagara Falls. The dynamic duo couldn’t contain their excitement as they showcased the breathtaking beauty of the falls and engaged in lively banter throughout the show.

David and Mary started off by inviting viewers in the area to come and say hello. Positioned at the intersection of Falls Boulevard and Falls Drive, they embraced the opportunity to connect with fans in both New York and Canada.

As they explored the wonder of Niagara Falls, David and Mary shared some fascinating facts that even the seasoned travelers may not have known. Did you know that the collective term “Niagara Falls” actually refers to three distinct falls? The American Falls, named athly, and the Canadian Falls can all be experienced from the US side of the falls.

The hosts also revealed that Niagara Falls State Park is the go-to destination for millions of tourists, especially during the Fourth of July weekend. However, they surprised their audience with the news that the falls would be closed for eight days for their annual cleaning. Imagine missing out on exploring this natural wonder due to a thorough scrubbing!

But the fun didn’t stop there. David and Mary also discussed an upcoming Netflix show featuring Joy Chestnut, a renowned competitive eater known for his jaw-dropping feats. They playfully invited viewers to either tune in to Netflix or simply come over to Barbara’s house for a family picnic where they could witness David’s own impressive eating skills.

Another intriguing fact about Niagara Falls is that while it may not be the tallest waterfall in America, it still boasts an impressive vertical height of over 176 ft in some sections. Surprisingly, the tallest waterfall in the continental United States can be found in California, not the expected location of Colorado or Bolivia.

Of course, David couldn’t resist injecting some humor into the conversation. He playfully reminded men of his age to phone their urologists when visiting the falls, given the potential impact of such a powerful natural force!

As the episode came to a close, David, Mary, and Barbara expressed their delight in experiencing the majesty of Niagara Falls firsthand. They couldn’t help but contrast their adventure with the viewers, jokingly referring to them as “losers” who were merely watching from home. But fear not, they quickly changed their tune and declared their viewers as YouTube heroes for their loyal support.

Before wrapping up, they agreed that a visit to the gift shop was a must, eager to take home a piece of their memorable journey.

With the summer fun tour behind them, David, Mary, and Barbara bid farewell to Niagara Falls and prepared to head back to the city on the Peter Pan Bus. David couldn’t help but rave about the convenience of having a bathroom on the bus, engaging in some light-hearted banter about the challenges of using a vehicle’s facilities.

As the episode concluded, David thanked the YouTube team, Comcast, and everyone involved in putting on the show. He jokingly expressed his disbelief at being the only one without anything to promote, reminding everyone that true love for the show was their driving force.

If you missed this incredible episode, don’t worry. Smash that button and subscribe to the David Letterman show on YouTube to catch up on all the fun and excitement. And who knows, maybe one day, you’ll find yourself drenched in awe at the beauty of Niagara Falls, just like David, Mary, and Barbara.