In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, W. Kamau Bell revealed that he has been able to convince Conan to watch more shows on YouTube. As two individuals who bonded over their love for television, W. Kamau Bell expressed how YouTube has become a significant part of his viewing experience.

During their conversation, Conan admitted that he doesn’t watch as much YouTube as Bell does, and was curious to find out what he was missing out on. Bell explained the concept of “slow TV” on YouTube, where not much is happening but it still captivates viewers. He mentioned that it helps settle the brain and offers a different kind of entertainment compared to regular television.

Bell also revealed his interest in what he called “video essays” on YouTube, where creators make documentaries out of their homes. He mentioned channels like FD Signifier and H Bomber Guy, who explore various topics in-depth. Bell found these video essays to be more entertaining than what is typically shown on TV.

The conversation then shifted to cooking shows on YouTube. Bell recommended a channel called “Binging with Babish,” where the host recreates dishes from popular TV shows. Conan jokingly mentioned that he couldn’t understand how they recreate dishes from cartoons like The Simpsons.

The discussion continued, covering different types of content available on YouTube. Bell mentioned how he used YouTube to teach his daughter how to ride a bike, as well as his personal use of the platform to learn how to play songs on the guitar.

Conan admitted that he also uses YouTube for guitar tutorials. He shared his appreciation for the platform, particularly the individuals who patiently create tutorial videos in their basements. He found these videos to be a fantastic resource for learning to play specific songs.

While the conversation showcased the benefits and entertainment value of YouTube, both Conan and Bell acknowledged the downside of misleading or questionable content available on the platform. They agreed that using YouTube as a source for legal advice or medical procedures might lead to potential problems.

The conversation took a humorous turn as Conan mentioned his tendency to get overwhelmed with multiple projects and interests. Bell agreed, noting that being curious about various subjects often leads to taking on too many endeavors. They both recognized the challenges of being in show business, where diversifying projects is necessary.

Overall, the conversation between W. Kamau Bell and Conan O’Brien shed light on their experiences and enthusiasm for YouTube and its diverse content. It showcased the platform’s ability to entertain and educate, providing a different kind of viewing experience that even celebrities like Conan can appreciate.