In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, comedian W. Kamau Bell shared an amusing story about his encounter with the legendary actor Denzel Washington. Bell, along with his friend and fellow comedian Kevin Avery, had previously hosted a podcast called “Denzel Washington is the greatest actor of all time period,” which was dedicated to showcasing Washington’s acting prowess.

During the conversation, O’Brien asked Bell about his fascination with Denzel Washington, to which Bell responded, “We felt we needed to declare that he was the greatest actor of all time, period, because he clearly is.” Bell expressed his admiration for Washington and explained that he and Avery started the podcast because they felt that Washington wasn’t receiving the recognition he deserved.

Bell went on to mention that Washington, unlike many actors of his generation, is not active on social media and doesn’t feel the need to promote himself through various platforms. This is one of the aspects that Bell finds intriguing about him. Despite not being highly active on social media, Washington remains a box office draw and continues to deliver outstanding performances.

Addressing the issue of racism in Hollywood, Bell believes that Washington’s excellence as an actor has been overshadowed by biases within the industry. Bell and Avery’s podcast aimed to change this narrative and give Washington his due respect while he is still alive. As an ardent fan, Bell wanted Washington to hear their praises, even though it was slightly embarrassing when he discovered that Washington had already heard about the podcast.

Bell’s momentous meeting with Washington came when he was invited to the AFI tribute for the actor. Initially hesitant, Bell was encouraged by his wife to go and meet his idol. With his wife’s support, Bell attended the event and found himself amidst a gathering of famous celebrities. Bell nervously stood nearby as Washington conversed with other actors and filmmakers.

Eventually, Bell mustered the courage to approach Washington. To his surprise, Washington turned to Bell, looked at him, and said, “I love you.” This affirmation meant a great deal to Bell as it indicated that Washington had recognized him through his show “United Shades of America” rather than their podcast.

Bell concluded his story by expressing his gratitude for the heartwarming experience. Although he admitted feeling a bit embarrassed talking about it, Bell acknowledged the significance of the moment and how Washington’s words made him feel appreciated. He humorously mentioned how he now feels compelled to repeat Washington’s words on every occasion.

This delightful anecdote shared by W. Kamau Bell on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show highlights his personal connection with Denzel Washington and the profound impact the actor has had on his life. It serves as a reminder that even the greatest stars can truly touch the hearts of their fans.