On a recent episode of David Letterman‘s talk show, he made a special outside location appearance to deliver the iconic “Late Show” marquee sign. The sign, which had been part of the exterior of the Ed Sullivan Theater for nearly 20 years, was being given away in a raffle. The proceeds from the raffle, which amounted to an impressive $116,000, were donated to Habitat for Humanity to support their efforts in providing affordable housing.

David Letterman, accompanied by Barbara Gill, host of the show, arrived at the undisclosed location where the winner of the sign, Helen, was eagerly waiting. Helen explained that she didn’t expect to win but wanted to contribute to the cause. Due to space constraints, she decided to give the sign to her uncle, who was thrilled to receive it.

As David and Barbara entered Helen‘s uncle’s house, they were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of family members, including Helen‘s brother, cousin, and aunt. They were joined by a special guest, Preston, who had a fascinating connection to the Ed Sullivan Theater. Preston‘s father was the lead sponsor of the Ed Sullivan Show, and Preston himself had a seat reserved for him during The Beatles’ historic 1964 appearance on the show.

As the sign was being rolled into its new home, David commended Helen for her generosity and expressed his joy in making people’s dreams come true. He emphasized the significance of the sign, which would remain a symbol of The Late Show long after everyone in the room was gone.

Before the episode concluded, David presented Preston with a special gift—a piece of the sign autographed by the show’s guests. Preston was incredibly grateful for the memento, which held sentimental value due to his unique connection to the theater.

Overall, the episode was filled with excitement, heartwarming moments, and the celebration of a television milestone. David’s dedication to philanthropy and making people happy shone through as he delivered the cherished marquee sign to its new owners. The crowd, including the lucky winner and her family, expressed their gratitude for the unforgettable experience.

This unique and captivating episode of David Letterman‘s talk show is just one example of the entertaining and memorable moments that audiences can expect when tuning into his program. Whether it’s giving away iconic memorabilia or showcasing heartwarming stories, David Letterman continues to be a beloved figure in the world of talk shows.