The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘s band just made a big splash in the music industry. In a recent episode of the talk show, Stephen Colbert himself expressed his admiration for musicians’ endorsement deals, mentioning stars like Post Malone and Cardi B. He then turned his attention to the band members of The Late Show, pondering why they hadn’t landed their own commercials yet.

To Stephen’s pleasant surprise, it turns out that the band members aren’t devoid of endorsement opportunities. John Lampley, the trumpet player, revealed that he recently shot a commercial for a new product. Although he wasn’t able to share the commercial on the show, his description of it was intriguing. John spoke of “John Lampley’s pocket-sized rescue trumpet,” a unique item that can help people escape awkward conversations or unwanted situations. Whether you need an excuse to leave a party or a family reunion, John’s rescue trumpet is there to save the day with a subtle blast.

Next up, Joe Sailor, the band’s drummer and Jazz Cowboy, unveiled his very own commercial as well. Joe introduced “Joe Sailor’s chicken drumsticks,” a percussion mallet that gets hand-tenderized by none other than the busy professional percussionist himself. With exciting flavors like honey mustard, high hat barbecue base, and symol salmonella, Joe’s drumsticks are perfect for fellow percussionists who don’t have time to stop and eat while drumming. Say goodbye to messy drumming and hello to Joe Sailor’s chicken drumsticks.

As the band members continued to share their commercials, Stephen Colbert reminded them that they couldn’t turn The Late Show into a commercial zone. However, Stephen couldn’t help himself and also presented his own commercial during the episode. Introducing “Lis Ko’s love making for Falcons,” Stephen demonstrated how his instrumental album is designed to help falcons in the mating process. With tracks like “aerial courtship display” and “regurgitated mouse,” Stephen’s album promises to create an amorous atmosphere for these majestic birds of prey.

The band’s endorsement deals certainly made for an entertaining segment on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Whether it’s John Lampley’s rescue trumpet, Joe Sailor’s chicken drumsticks, or Stephen Colbert‘s love-making album for falcons, it’s clear that the musicians of The Late Show are not only incredible performers but also creative entrepreneurs. It’s refreshing to see them seize opportunities beyond the stage and into the world of endorsements, just like so many other musical celebrities.

Stay tuned for more exciting interviews, performances, and humorous moments on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where laughter and music collide in the most delightful way.