In a recent episode of the popular talk show Conan O’Brien, the incredibly talented and young actress Elle Fanning made her first appearance. Fresh from school and on winter break, Elle couldn’t have chosen a better place to spend her time than on Conan’s show. At just 13 years old, she is already towering at an impressive 5’7½”, making her noticeably taller than most boys her age.

When asked about her sudden growth spurt, Elle revealed that she experienced a similar situation to many teenagers. In the span of a year, she shot up seven inches, causing some growing pains in her knees. Conan empathized with her, recalling his own late 20s growth spurt which left him writhing in pain on the floor. Despite the discomfort, Elle hopes that her growth spurt will be more pleasant overall.

Interestingly, Elle pointed out that at this stage, the girls are generally taller than the boys. The boys, in an attempt to justify themselves, often approach the girls with claims that they will grow much taller in the future. They even resort to quoting their doctors, who supposedly predict that they’ll reach the impressive height of 6’3″. Elle found this behavior amusing, imagining guys awkwardly approaching girls and confidently assuring them of their future growth spurt. Conan added humorously that it’s fortunate for them to make these claims now because middle-aged guys can no longer utter similar promises.

During the show, Elle’s impressive achievements were acknowledged. She has accomplished so much in her career by the age of 13, having started in the industry at the tender age of two. Her early experiences included doing commercials, one of which was for Smuckers. In this particular commercial, Elle had to eat their frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which would thaw out in lunchboxes. She reminisced about being on set, jokingly explaining that there was a spit bucket provided for actors to discreetly spit their bites out after each take. However, Elle found the sandwiches so delicious that she ended up devouring around 50 of them instead. Perhaps this indulgence contributed to her incredible growth spurt.

The conversation shifted to favorite products to endorse in commercials. Conan mentioned his personal love for cheese popcorn, confessing that he would devour bags of Smart Food cheese popcorn, much to the dismay of his wife. Elle shared her own obsession with Cobb salad, specifically praising the combination of blue cheese, bacon, and chicken. She couldn’t contain her excitement, even though she admitted that her favorite concoction might not exactly qualify as a Cobb salad anymore due to the exclusion of other traditional ingredients.

Conan, being the supportive host he is, immediately declared his mission to get Elle an endorsement deal for Cobb salad. He playfully envisioned a future where Elle would be representing the wholesome greens rather than starring in movies. The audience erupted in applause, clearly thrilled with the prospect of seeing Elle Fanning in a commercial for her beloved Cobb salad.

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