Our first guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show was the talented actor and star of blockbuster franchises Star Trek and X-Men, Sir Patrick Stewart. Ellen was thrilled to have him on the show as they had never met before. Sir Patrick looked great and Ellen couldn’t help but mention how he made an executive decision to change his outfit just before coming on the show. They joked about how they both could have ended up looking like they were dressed by the same mother.

The conversation then took a turn when Ellen brought up the topic of losing things and them magically reappearing. Sir Patrick mentioned a series of books called The Borrowers, where little creatures would borrow and return items that disappeared. They had a good laugh about the concept and the idea of the borrowers coming in the night to take and return items.

As the interview continued, talk of martinis and olives came up. Sir Patrick mentioned a rule he learned that when ordering olives in a martini, there should never be an even number. Ellen was surprised by this and Sir Patrick joked about how it was one of those weird English rules. He explained that his son had taken a bartending course and was horrified when he ordered a martini with two olives, as it should always be an odd number.

The conversation then shifted to Sir Patrick’s bald head. He shared that he lost his hair as a teenager and initially thought his life was over, but he had grown to embrace his bald look. He found it amusing that many people with great heads of hair were now shaving it off, which he felt was a trend he had already cornered.

Ellen then showed a clip of Sir Patrick in a film with hair, which further emphasized the contrast between then and now. They discussed his latest project, a remake of a film with Glen Close. Sir Patrick explained that while some may question why they would remake such a brilliant film, he believed that exceptional writing deserves to be revisited and reinterpreted.

To cap off the interview, Ellen brought out an action figure of Sir Patrick from the X-Men franchise. Sir Patrick humorously expressed his dissatisfaction with the original figure, pointing out its flaws and joking that it looked more like their producer, Greg Gordon. He then gave permission for Greg to use the action figure as his own if he had any acting ambitions, even suggesting that Greg could be his stunt double or stand-in.

The interview with Sir Patrick Stewart on The Ellen Degeneres Show was filled with laughter and lighthearted banter. Sir Patrick’s charm and wit won over the audience, leaving everyone entertained and eager to see more of his work.

Originally aired on May 13, 2004