On a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy announced the official winner of the Fallon Book Club Spring Read. The chosen book is Night Watching by Tracy Sierra. As Fallon proudly displayed the book with its exclusive Fallon Book Club sticker, he shared that this is Tracy’s debut novel and has received great reviews.

The talk show host enthusiastically revealed his excitement about this selection as he described the thrilling plot of the book. It revolves around a mother who finds herself home alone with her children during a blizzard. As she hears a noise, she soon realizes that the footsteps she hears are disturbingly familiar, hinting at a twist that promises a nightmarish and captivating reading experience.

Fallon’s passion for promoting reading and his book club was evident as he shared the success of Night Watching on various platforms. He showed the audience the book’s rise in popularity on Amazon, highlighting its climb from number 20,143 to number 46, thanks to the enthusiastic support of the Fallon Book Club community.

To encourage fans to participate, Fallon urged viewers to follow the Fallon Book Club on social media and use the hashtag #FallonBookClub. He encouraged everyone to grab a copy of Night Watching from the library or purchase it so that they can all read it together. Fallon is excited to embark on this literary journey with his audience, promising a fun and engaging book club experience.

Taylor Swift‘s new album was another topic of discussion on the show, with Fallon expressing his excitement for its release. He always welcomes Taylor Swift as a guest on the show and looks forward to the fresh and vibrant songs that fans can expect from this highly anticipated album.

The segment took a humorous turn when Fallon and the show’s band leader, Tariq, engaged in a playful competition of reading poems. Fallon kicked it off with a poem about Godzilla and Kong, filled with humor and clever wordplay. Tariq followed suit with a poem about the Kentucky Derby, showcasing his lyrical skills while drawing laughter from the audience.

Even Questlove, the show’s announcer, and Steve Higgins, Fallon’s sidekick, joined in the poetic exchange. Questlove’s poem humorously touched upon a golden bachelor and his exploits, while Higgins’ hidden and folded poem ended with an unexpected revelation that had the audience in stitches.

The episode ended with the promise of more entertainment to come, as actor Jesse Eisenberg was scheduled to appear on the show. It was a lively and engaging installment of The Tonight Show, filled with laughter, poetry, and anticipation for great reads.

As fans eagerly await the release of Taylor Swift‘s album and dive into Night Watching with the Fallon Book Club, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon continues to deliver entertaining and engaging content for its viewers. So, stay tuned for more exciting moments on this beloved talk show.