During a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Daniel Radcliffe, known for his role as Harry Potter, reminisced about his time on the iconic film series. The conversation turned to the topic of language on set, with Radcliffe revealing that there was a swear jar involved, although he couldn’t recall any specific instances of swearing. He shared that he was careful with his language, especially around the younger actors on set.

The talk then shifted to the 20-year anniversary of the first Harry Potter film, and Radcliffe’s co-star Miriam Margolyes jokingly commented on Radcliffe’s maturity since then, stating that “your balls have dropped since then.” Radcliffe jokingly agreed, saying it was a relief to everyone and adding, “We were just kids there, we get it.”

Margolyes, who played Professor Sprout, discussed her experience being recognized as her character. She mentioned being mobbed in Lithuania and humorously speculated that it might have been because she was Jewish. Despite only appearing in two Harry Potter films, she acknowledged that people still recognize her as Professor Sprout.

The conversation took an amusing turn when Radcliffe shared a story about being mistaken for a homeless person while walking a dog in New York. He recounted how a stranger offered him money, assuming he was in need. Radcliffe found it amusing and considered it a wake-up call, jokingly remarking on his choice of attire that may have given off the wrong impression.

Radcliffe and Margolyes also discussed the challenges of prosthetics during their time on the Harry Potter films. Radcliffe confessed that he did not love prosthetics and often sought roles that avoided them. Margolyes explained how her tight costumes for Professor Sprout posed a problem, with the tights working their way down and making it difficult for her to walk elegantly. She candidly shared that she eventually had them cut off to resolve the issue.

The conversation then veered toward Margolyes’ portrayal of Dolores Umbridge and its connection to the current coronavirus situation. Margolyes humorously suggested that Umbridge brought in social distancing and invented it herself. She jokingly stated that if coronavirus had a name, it would be Dolores Umbridge.

The discussion continued with Radcliffe being dubbed a “time traveler” due to his resemblance to individuals from the past. Amusingly, Margolyes highlighted the various old women Radcliffe resembles in these photos. Radcliffe took it all in good humor, recognizing the similarities and admitting that he often resembled slightly depressed ladies.

As the interview turned to Radcliffe’s interactions with fans, he shared how he has always strived to be kind and approachable. However, there have been instances where fans have been rude to him, prompting him to become more discerning. He recounted an experience where a fan responded rudely when he granted her request for a photo. Despite these occasional encounters, Radcliffe remains dedicated to his fans and appreciates their support.

The conversation concluded with humorous anecdotes, including Margolyes mentioning how Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley, has had his fair share of unexpected encounters due to his friendly nature. Radcliffe also recalled instances when people have been rude to him in disguise of being nonchalant about his fame.

Overall, the interview on The Graham Norton Show provided a lighthearted and entertaining insight into the experiences of Daniel Radcliffe and Miriam Margolyes within the Harry Potter universe. The camaraderie between the two actors and their humorous interactions made for an enjoyable segment of the talk show.