During the interview, Colbert asked Bloom about a particular scene in the show where he climbs to the top of a massive escalator. Bloom admitted that he had to get approval from his partner, Katy Perry, before attempting the dangerous stunt. He jokingly mentioned that Perry may not have fully understood the gravity of the situation until he came home from work stressed and exhausted.

Colbert continued to push Bloom on whether there was anything he wouldn’t do for a stunt. Bloom confessed that there was one idea pitched to him that he turned down – swimming with great white sharks. He explained that while the idea may have been exciting for the show, he ultimately decided it was too risky.

Bloom went on to discuss the challenges he faced during the filming of the show. He mentioned that he had to undergo training from experts in order to perform the stunts safely. He praised the dedication and skill of the professionals who taught him, stating that they were truly remarkable individuals.

The conversation then turned to Bloom’s fear of heights. Colbert asked if he had any issues with the climbing scenes in the show. Bloom admitted that he did find it challenging, both physically and mentally. He explained that the exposure and height of the climbs tested his limits, but he was determined to overcome his fears.

Interestingly, Bloom shared a story about his past injury. At the age of 19, he broke his back just a year before being cast in the iconic film series, The Lord of the Rings. Colbert couldn’t help but point out the irony of the timing. Bloom admitted that he may not have mentioned his broken back to director Peter Jackson during the casting process, but assured Colbert that he now takes better care of himself.

In conclusion, Orlando Bloom‘s interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert provided a fascinating glimpse into the behind-the-scenes challenges of his new show, “Orlando Bloom: To The Edge.” From daring stunts to personal struggles, Bloom proved that he is willing to push boundaries for the sake of entertainment. Fans can catch his thrilling adventures when the show premieres on peacock this Thursday.