During a recent appearance on the talk show, Conan O’Brien, actress Kirsten Dunst revealed an unexpected fact about herself – she became a German citizen three years ago. The revelation came as a surprise to many, as Dunst’s father is from Germany. Seeking to experience the perks of having a European passport, Dunst decided to obtain her German citizenship. Now, she proudly holds dual American and German passports, which she finds quite cool.

Naturally, with her newfound citizenship, the conversation quickly turned to Dunst’s familiarity with German culture. The host asked if she hangs out in Germany and if she can speak the language. Dunst confirmed that she does spend time there and has picked up some German. In fact, she proudly declared, “Ich kann Deutsch!” which translates to “I can speak German!” However, when asked for some German phrases she knows, Dunst surprised everyone by sharing curse words.

Amid laughter from the audience, Dunst playfully said, “Do you want to hear them? They won’t offend anybody.” She then proceeded to share a couple of German curse words, albeit ones that are less offensive. The first phrase, “Du bist ein Arschloch” which means “You’re an a**hole,” elicited chuckles from the crowd.

Curious to hear another, Conan prodded her to share more. Dunst obliged, revealing yet another phrase, “Oh, Stop!” At this point, the studio erupted in laughter, proving that Dunst’s lighthearted approach to language had struck a chord with the audience.

However, to clarify any misunderstandings, Conan made sure to emphasize that they were only discussing curse words and not intentionally trying to offend anyone. Dunst added that while she and her friends have fun using these words, it’s not something she uses casually in everyday situations. She recounted a recent road trip she took with her father to Germany, during which they visited a place called Miniature Wonderland. The attraction showcases various miniature cities, including Las Vegas and Switzerland. However, to the surprise of many visitors, there were also small figures engaged in intimate acts hidden in the bushes. Dunst humorously described them as “weird sprinklings of tourists having… you know.”

Conan, always quick to joke, quipped that it appeared even the miniature figurines were given some adult entertainment in the park. The conversation then took an amusing turn when Dunst mistakenly believed Conan was referring to people in the theme park having sex in the bushes. This led to a playful exchange about the “job” of the figurines and whether they were park employees.

In their light-hearted banter, Dunst and Conan drew parallels with some risqué moments in Disney movies, like the alleged images of sex hidden in the clouds in The Lion King and an anatomical curiosity in The Little Mermaid. The conversation took a comical twist as they playfully discussed the infamous Disney animator “entertainment” conspiracy.

Overall, the interview showcased Kirsten Dunst‘s easygoing and humorous personality. From her unexpected German citizenship revelation to her shared knowledge of curse words and amusing tales from her road trip, Dunst left the audience entertained and amused throughout the segment. Conan O’Brien‘s ability to navigate and add witty remarks made the interview a lively and memorable one, reminding us why his talk show remains a favorite among viewers.