On the latest episode of David Letterman‘s talk show, some thrilling announcements were made and exciting moments were shared. Barbara Gaines, a regular guest on the show, expressed her gratitude towards Letterman and highlighted the success of the program. She also mentioned declining offers from other YouTube shows because of her loyalty to the talk show host.

Letterman further discussed his recent guest appearance on another YouTube show with Alex Honold, describing Honold as a talented and unique individual. The two of them climbed a wall, which garnered a lot of attention on YouTube. They also visited the Pearlman Performing Art Center, an architecturally impressive venue at the One World Trade Plaza, which holds significance as a memorial to the events of 9/11. Letterman commended the transformation and spirit displayed in rebuilding the center after such a tragic incident.

Honold’s achievements in climbing were also acknowledged, with him having conquered the highest peaks on all seven continents. As he sets his sights on further climbing adventures, Honold has released a new book titled “Alone on the Wall,” following the success of his previous book. Letterman showcased his support for Honold by displaying the new release on the show.

In another exciting moment, Letterman revealed that a piece of the show’s Marquee was auctioned off, with the winning bid of $220,000 by Mr. Bill G Geow. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the Victorious Char pet culture initiative. As a token of appreciation, Geow also received a jacket from Letterman, which was signed by both the host and Paul, Letterman’s longtime sidekick. The jacket featured leather sleeves and the show’s name on the back, making it a unique collector’s item.

As the show came to a close, Letterman and Gaines wished the audience a happy Thanksgiving, expressing their gratitude for their continued support. With a lively and entertaining episode like this, it’s no wonder why David Letterman‘s talk show continues to captivate audiences around the world. Tune in next time for more exciting moments and captivating conversations with Letterman and his esteemed guests.