Taylor Swift recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show, where she gave fans a glimpse into her life and entertained everyone with her witty banter. The chat show, known for its lively conversations and celebrity guests, provided the perfect platform for Swift to share some interesting stories and moments. From her love for cats to her success on the music charts, here are the top 10 moments from Taylor Swift‘s appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

1. Taylor Swift and Cricket: Despite being an avid sports fan, Swift admitted that she had never been to a cricket match before. This led to a humorous exchange between her and host Graham Norton, who tried to explain the rules of the game to her.

2. Taylor Swift‘s Cats: Swift is known for her love of cats and proudly showcased her furry friends on the show. She introduced her two cats, Olivia and Detective Benson, and shared amusing anecdotes about their behavior.

3. Brit Awards Performance: Swift was congratulated on her outstanding performance at the Brit Awards. She thanked the audience and talked about the inspiration behind her hit single, “Shake It Off.”

4. Singing with Prince William: Swift recounted the surreal experience of singing with Prince William at Kensington Palace during a charity event. She shared that she was initially nervous but had a great time performing alongside the future king.

5. Taylor Swift‘s Driving Mishaps: During an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Swift revealed that she had two car accidents with the journalist in the car. The accidents made for an eventful interview and showed Swift’s ability to find humor in unexpected situations.

6. Nashville Rubber Duck Race: As a rising star at the age of 14, Swift performed at the Nashville Rubber Duck Race. The photo from the event showcased the early days of her career and her humble beginnings.

7. All Too Well Short Film: Swift announced that her song, “All Too Well,” would be turned into a short film. She explained how the 10-minute song had been trimmed down for the album but now fans would get to experience the full version along with a visually captivating short film.

8. Taylor Swift as a Director: Swift discussed her passion for directing her music videos and expressed her desire to continue learning and growing in the field. She expressed her admiration for the actors’ improvisation skills and the collaborative process.

9. Taylor Swift‘s Success on the Charts: It was revealed that Swift had achieved a significant milestone by having a number one album for four consecutive albums, a feat previously accomplished only by The Beatles.

10. Taylor Swift and Eddie Redmayne: Swift shared a hilarious and embarrassing memory of auditioning with Eddie Redmayne for Les Misérables. She revealed that she had eaten garlic bread before the audition, making for an awkward singing experience.

Taylor Swift‘s appearance on The Graham Norton Show was a delightful and entertaining experience for both the audience and the viewers at home. Her vibrant personality and knack for storytelling captivated everyone, cementing her status as one of the most beloved celebrities in the industry. With her new album on the horizon and her creative endeavors expanding, fans can expect more exciting moments from Taylor Swift in the future.