The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson welcomed a true Hollywood legend in a recent episode. Miss Betty Davis graced the stage, captivating the audience with her wit and charm. Carson introduced her as one of the most respected and admired actresses, with two Oscars and ten nominations under her belt. Davis also received the prestigious Legion of Honor medal and the Cesar award from France.

Dressed in a stunning red dress, designed by Nolan Miller specifically for her trip to Paris, Davis looked radiant on the talk show set. She thanked Miller for the beautiful dress, jokingly mentioning the hefty cost it incurred. The audience erupted in laughter, thoroughly enjoying Davis’s playful banter.

Carson, always the gracious host, asked about the rumors surrounding Davis’s career. She shared a humorous anecdote about how directors were skeptical of working with her, expecting her to change every line of the script. However, one director, Willy Werth, had faith in Davis’s talent and assured her otherwise.

Switching gears, Davis proudly showed off a government medal she received from the French government. Explaining that it was a display of admiration and respect for her artistry, Davis playfully teased Carson for not being her straight man. They shared a lighthearted exchange, showcasing their chemistry and humor.

The conversation took a more personal turn as Davis spoke fondly of her mother’s influence on her life. She credited her mother’s support for allowing her to pursue her acting dreams and attending a dramatic school. Reflecting on early premieres, Davis shared a picture from 1931, reminiscing about their distinct Yankee style before Hollywood’s influence took hold.

Carson couldn’t help but bring up Davis’s impressive list of accomplishments, including two Oscars and ten nominations. Davis admitted her disappointment in not winning for her role in Margot Channing, feeling that politics played a role in her loss. She also mentioned the iconic line from “Beyond the Forest,” “what a dump,” and how it became a staple in her shows.

The conversation turned lighter again, with Carson asking Davis about her thoughts on nudity in films. Davis expressed her disinterest in doing nude scenes, stating that they lacked interest and often felt forced. They playfully discussed their preference for strong directors and Carson’s hope that Davis wouldn’t encourage other actors to do more explicit scenes.

The interview touched upon Davis’s personal life, including her relationships with leading men and her marriages. Davis humorously confessed to paying alimony to her ex-husband, emphasizing her determination to get rid of him. She revealed her admiration for actor Gary Merrill, suggesting she may have married him if given the chance.

As the interview neared its end, Davis and Carson shared more lighthearted moments, discussing getting drunk and losing control at parties. Davis admitted to having been drunk a couple of times but playfully avoided delving into the details.

Overall, Davis’s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was a delightful peek into the world of a true Hollywood icon. The audience couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining and engaging interview with the legendary Betty Davis.