Emmy-winning writer, actor, and comedian Wanda Sykes made a hilarious appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she discussed everything from the Trump trial to her obsession with true crime. Sykes, who is currently starring in the Netflix show The Upshaws, had the audience in stitches with her quick wit and relatable anecdotes.

When asked about her thoughts on the Trump trial, Sykes didn’t hold back. She admitted to enjoying watching the trial from home, especially the reports of Trump allegedly passing gas in court. Sykes humorously pointed out that if Joe Biden had done the same, there would be a massive uproar and endless media coverage.

Sykes also touched on the reaction of Trump supporters when she jokes about him during her stand-up shows. While some attendees get upset, Sykes finds it amusing that they come to her show without doing their research on her comedic style.

Moving on to Trump’s appearance, Sykes noted that he doesn’t seem to age. She joked that he might be getting secret “virgin blood transfusions” or something similar.

Switching gears, Sykes revealed her fascination with true crime, particularly the ID channel. However, she confessed that her obsession had gotten to the point where it started affecting her everyday life. She shared a hilarious story of how she encountered an elderly couple while out for dinner, but her imagination got the best of her, leading her to believe they were up to no good.

On a lighter note, Sykes recently turned 60 and expressed that she doesn’t mind people knowing her age. She joked about the phrase “black don’t crack” but admitted that she does have some aging infrastructure that needs attention.

During the interview, Kimmel surprised Sykes with a throwback from her high school yearbook, revealing her nickname, “Twinkles.” The comedian couldn’t recall why she had chosen that nickname, but it provided a lighthearted moment for the audience.

Sykes also discussed her upcoming stand-up comedy tour, her first extensive tour in over 15 years. She shared her excitement about returning to the stage and connecting with audiences through her honest and relatable material.

In true Wanda Sykes fashion, she lightened the mood by jokingly mentioning a bomb threat at one of her shows. She also mentioned her love for gambling, joking about finding the perfect place to play in casinos.

As the interview wrapped up, Kimmel encouraged viewers to catch Sykes in her show, The Upshaws on Netflix, and to check her website for upcoming tour dates. However, he humorously advised Trump supporters to think twice before attending her show.

Wanda Sykes proved once again why she is a comedic force to be reckoned with. Her sharp wit, relatable stories, and frank sense of humor make her a standout performer in the entertainment industry. Whether she’s discussing politics or sharing personal experiences, Sykes never fails to entertain and charm her audience.