In a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, host Stephen Colbert wasted no time delivering the latest scoop on the ongoing trial involving former President Donald Trump‘s lawyer, Michael Cohen. As the trial unfolds, interesting revelations and moments have emerged that have left viewers both entertained and intrigued.

Colbert kicked off his monologue by highlighting the show of support Trump received from his loyal Maga supporters outside the courthouse. Amidst the proceedings, Trump’s lawyers were observed keeping a watchful eye on their client, as if his consciousness held the key to their case. Colbert humorously suggested that soon they might have to resort to putting Trump on a baby monitor, given his apparent tendency to sleep on his stomach.

The trial has shed light on the hush money scheme involving Trump and adult film star, Stormy Daniels. Cohen’s former lawyer, Keith Davidson, took the stand and had to explain some common internet abbreviations to the courtroom, including the notorious “WTF.” Colbert jokingly stated that in the realm of Trump-related texts, WTF stood for “Wake the farter,” to the delight of the audience.

One aspect that Trump’s legal team objected to was Cohen’s social media taunting, claiming that he should not be protected under Trump’s gag order. Cohen had playfully suggested on social media that Trump had no control over his bowels and had even given him the playful nickname “Donald Von pants.” Colbert, while enjoying the humor, emphasized the importance of showing respect for the former president, insisting it should be “President Von pants.”

However, Cohen’s antics did not stop there. He had also posted an image of Trump in an orange jumpsuit, which Trump’s team found objectionable. Colbert amusingly mimicked a sketch artist trying to capture Trump in a jumpsuit, further adding to the playful banter surrounding the trial.

During Trump’s recent rallies in Wisconsin and Michigan, he took the opportunity to address various subjects, including the sensitive topic of abortion. Trump claimed that everyone loved how he helped overturn Roe v. Wade, but also acknowledged that not everyone was on board with the decision. Colbert amusingly pointed out that Trump seemed to want to be a dictator when it came to certain matters, but as soon as something important arose, he would defer the decision to the states, likening it to an impending asteroid that Trump decided to let the states decide where it hits.

The Late Show host didn’t shy away from highlighting some other notable moments from Trump’s rallies, including Trump’s comment about Carrie Grant not looking good in a bathing suit. Colbert jokingly expressed outrage at such a statement, emphasizing the eternal appeal of the late actor. The segment concluded with Trump’s request for a pen from the crowd, as if the presidency of the United States could be determined by which old man could pick up a pen.

Shifting gears, Colbert touched on the controversial actions of South Dakota Governor, Christine Noem. Her recently published memoir disclosed that she had shot her 14-month-old puppy and a family goat. Although Colbert debated whether to discuss the topic further, he couldn’t resist a playful jab, remarking that unlike Noem, he didn’t like beating a dead horse.

Lastly, Colbert turned his attention to an incident involving Boeing. A Delta flight had to make an emergency return after an exit slide detached from the aircraft. This event echoed a past incident where a plane’s slide ended up in the Hudson River. In an uncanny twist of fate, the newly-found slide washed up at the home of a lawyer suing Boeing, leading Colbert to suggest that Boeing was sending a message akin to a scene from “The Godfather.”

With all the humorous anecdotes and witty commentary, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert continues to offer a lively take on the latest news and events. As the trial progresses and Trump’s legal woes unfold, there’s no doubt that Colbert will provide his unique, entertaining perspective on the matter.