In a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, the host paid tribute to the 2004 U.S. Gymnastics Team. Ellen started the show by welcoming the team and expressing her admiration for their incredible athletic abilities. She then humorously attempted to mimic their impressive moves, acknowledging that as adults, we rarely get the chance to celebrate by waving our hands in the air.

Ellen went on to discuss the uniqueness of gymnastics outfits, mentioning that wearing a onesie makes it easier to adjust and keep everything in place during those gravity-defying flips. She also made a hilarious comparison to the ancient Roman days when gymnasts were likely wearing different types of outfits. Ellen suggested that the onesie is the most practical choice, as it allows for better movement and avoids any wardrobe malfunctions.

The talk show host emphasized the importance of the dismount in gymnastics routines. She explained that landing the dismount is crucial and can make or break a gymnast’s performance. Ellen hilariously pointed out that even if a gymnast performs flawlessly throughout the routine, if they miss the dismount, they might find themselves walking home on their hands.

Switching gears, Ellen praised the athletes participating in the diving competition at the Olympics. She marveled at their ability to stand on their toes for extended periods and their perfectly executed dives, often without making a splash. Ellen couldn’t help but joke about her own attempts at balance and how standing on her own toes can lead to unexpected workouts and potentially toned obliques.

She also couldn’t help but notice the divers’ immediate dash to the showers after every dive. Ellen wondered if there was some magical effect from the chlorine or a hidden towel technology that the rest of us weren’t aware of. This led her to come up with a hilarious idea for a business venture – launching her own line of tiny towels named “Ellen’s Tiny Towels,” complete with tiny accessories like towel racks and hampers.

During the show, Ellen also interacted with her audience and shared funny moments with them. One audience member shared a picture of herself drinking coffee while watching the show. Ellen showed the photo, jokingly claiming that people are starting to resemble her, explicitly referencing the blonde highlights that she is known for.

Later in the episode, Ellen welcomed the talented and award-winning actor Brad Garrett. They had a lighthearted conversation about their personal lives, including moving houses and raising kids. Brad humorously mentioned his fat cat and the challenges of finding his socks amidst the chaos of moving. He also jokingly revealed that his wife, who is a fan of the show, sometimes confuses simple things like when to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

The segment ended with Ellen teasing Brad about his toes being sweaty. Brad shot back, asking if Ellen was wearing a footy under her chair. The audience erupted with laughter, making for a fun and engaging episode.

Overall, it was another entertaining episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show filled with lighthearted humor, witty banter, and engaging conversations with Ellen’s guests.