Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt recently appeared on an episode of the popular chat show, The Graham Norton Show, and the conversation was anything but boring. The guests shared some hilarious stories and gave viewers an inside look into their lives.

One of the standout moments of the interview was when Ryan Gosling revealed a bizarre story from his childhood. He explained how his parents came across a truck of cellophane and encouraged him to sell it. Gosling even tried to convince his classmates that cellophane would make great stocking stuffers for their parents. Unfortunately, the dream of someone buying it all never became a reality. It’s safe to say that selling cellophane didn’t turn out to be Gosling’s true calling.

The conversation then took a lighthearted turn when Graham Norton asked Gosling and Blunt about their combined celebrity couple name. Gosling jokingly replied that they should be called “Crunt”, a combination of their surnames. The guests shared a laugh over the quirky name and even discussed using it on restaurant reservations and Christmas cards.

The conversation shifted to Gosling’s role in the film “First Man” where he portrayed astronaut Neil Armstrong. To prepare for the role, Gosling had to learn how to fly. However, he quickly realized that flying was much harder than expected. Gosling shared an amusing anecdote about almost crashing the plane during one of his lessons, leading him to focus his time on other skills instead.

As the interview continued, Emily Blunt discussed her struggles with speaking French. She mentioned that she used to stutter as a child and still stuttered when speaking French due to nerves. Blunt then shared a funny story about trying to find a taxi in Paris and struggling to say the word “taxi” in French, much to the amusement of her friends.

The conversation took another humorous turn when Graham Norton brought up a time when Blunt had a massage that went horribly wrong. She recounted a Turkish massage experience where the masseur’s belly accidentally entered her mouth, leaving her with a funny and unexpected reaction.

Overall, the episode of The Graham Norton Show featuring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt was filled with laughter and entertainment. The guests shared personal stories that gave viewers a glimpse into their lives outside of the fame. From Gosling’s childhood cellophane-selling adventure to Blunt’s French-speaking struggles and massage mishap, this talk show episode offered plenty of comedic moments.