In a heartwarming surprise, Jon Stewart recently made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to surprise Jimmy Kimmel‘s kids on their way to school. This unexpected encounter turned a normal drive into a memorable adventure.

The surprise was inspired by a previous experience when Kimmel and his wife surprised their children, Jane and Billy, by picking up Olivia Rodrigo, a pop singer loved by their kids. The incident became the talk of their household, prompting Kimmel’s friend to suggest reenacting the surprise with Jon Stewart.

As the video begins, Kimmel’s kids express their admiration for a spacious car, jokingly hinting at the possibility of a road trip. Little did they know that their wish was about to come true. Suddenly, Jon Stewart appears, hopping into the car and catching the kids off guard.

Despite their young age, Jane and Billy have no idea who Jon Stewart is. However, they quickly become overwhelmed with excitement as they realize their dad’s surprise. Laughter fills the car as the kids try to comprehend the situation. Stewart engages in a friendly conversation with the kids, asking about their destination and sharing his own experiences of surprising Olivia Rodrigo.

To lighten up the atmosphere, Stewart reveals he is from the band Incubus, using humor to convey his point. Although the kids remain unfamiliar with his music, they enjoy the playful banter and even attempt to sing along to the lyrics.

During the drive, the talk show host and children bond over their daily routines, routines that include packing lunches and special treats. Kimmel confesses to sneaking a few nerds into their lunch boxes, which he playfully compares to adding “cocaine” to their meals. The light-hearted conversation continues as Stewart shares his love for Arby’s, revealing that they catered his 30th birthday party.

The video ends with Kimmel and Stewart bidding farewell to the kids, emphasizing the importance of making good choices. The kids are left in awe, unaware of who Stewart really is but grateful for the unique experience. It’s a reminder for parents to be cautious about the company their children keep, even if they unintentionally corrupt them with harmless fun.

Overall, this surprise visit by Jon Stewart on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” added a touch of excitement to the children’s morning routine. The playful conversation, jokes, and surprise appearance made for a memorable and entertaining drive to school. Who knows what surprises Jimmy Kimmel has in store for his children next? Stay tuned to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for more thrilling and heartwarming moments.