The Graham Norton Show featured an unforgettable episode with the late Robin Williams, who graced the stage with his iconic improv skills and had the audience roaring with laughter. The talk show is known for bringing together some of the biggest celebrities in the world, and this particular episode was no exception.

During the show, the conversation veered towards the topic of ageism in the entertainment industry, particularly for women. Williams seized the opportunity to make light of the issue, joking that the only roles available for women of a certain age were in commercials. He humorously mentioned a product called “girly” for dry vaginas, causing the audience to burst into laughter.

Williams continued his hilarious banter by joking about renting his uterus to Jewish men instead of going to Miami, further entertaining the crowd. The comedian didn’t shy away from controversial topics and even brought up the discussion of women’s Viagra, much to the amusement of the audience.

As the conversation shifted, Williams shared some interesting stories from his early days in comedy. He mentioned his experience as a blue coat at a popular holiday resort, where he was sent as punishment after getting sacked from a previous gig. Williams recounted his first attempt at stand-up comedy, which involved copying other comedians and interacting with the audience. The crowd couldn’t get enough of his comedic timing and unfiltered humor.

The talk show host, Graham Norton, also joined in on the fun. He invited members of the audience to participate in a makeshift genie act, adding a touch of whimsy to the show. Williams, known for his versatility, expertly interacted with the audience members who played along, making for an unforgettable moment.

The lively conversation continued as Norton and Williams engaged in humor-filled discussions about Star Trek memorabilia and their experiences performing in unusual venues such as seafood festivals and male strip clubs. Their comedic chemistry was evident, and the audience was loving every moment.

Williams also shared his admiration for fellow Saturday Night Live cast member, Kate McKinnon, and her spot-on impression of Justin Bieber. The comedian admitted to being starstruck when he met the real Justin Bieber and applauded McKinnon for her accurate portrayal on the sketch show.

The episode ended with a heartfelt story from Williams about attending a party at the White House during Barack Obama’s presidency. He expressed sadness over the uncertainty of the country’s future and attempted to lighten the mood with his wit and charm.

The air date of this captivating episode was not specified, but it undoubtedly left a lasting impression on viewers. The Graham Norton Show once again proved why it remains a favorite among chat show enthusiasts, bringing together talented and hilarious individuals like Robin Williams to entertain and delight audiences worldwide.