Paris Hilton, the famous socialite and reality TV star, made her first appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show recently and it was nothing short of entertaining. The transcript of the show reveals a lively conversation between Paris and Ellen, with topics ranging from Paris’ busy schedule to her ever-changing hair.

Ellen started by joking about how Paris sat down so fast, quipping that she must have been afraid of the wave. The two then engaged in a playful banter about Paris’ uncomfortable but beautiful shoes. Ellen even compared them to a character from The Wizard of Oz, prompting Paris to express her love for the classic movie and her intention to watch it again.

The conversation then took a funny turn when Ellen brought up the incident of Paris’ pigtails being dipped in a drink. Paris laughed it off and admitted that her hair is mostly made up of extensions. She explained that she had to cut her hair short for a movie, but now she’s trying to grow it long again. Ellen couldn’t help but be amazed at how Paris manages to maintain her ever-changing hairstyles.

Moving on, Ellen brought up the fact that Paris is constantly mentioned in magazines, with over 30 mentions in just one week. She asked Paris why she believes people are so obsessed with her. Paris attributed it to her young age and the many ventures she is involved in, including singing, acting, and her fashion and perfume lines. She expressed that her busy lifestyle inspires young girls to go after their dreams and be confident, just like the iconic blondes such as Marilyn Monroe.

Discussing Paris’ music career, Ellen mentioned her upcoming album and asked about the type of music it features. Paris revealed that her first single is a rock song called “Screwed,” which is likened to the style of Blondie and Debbie Harry. She also mentioned that her album includes a sweet ballad about a girl getting screwed over.

The conversation then shifted to Paris’ ever-changing hair and her love for dressing up. Ellen playfully teased Paris about constantly dressing up her dog, Tinkerbell, and even showed a picture of Paris and her dog in matching outfits. Paris defended herself, saying that Tinkerbell enjoys dressing up and even has her own closet full of clothes. She also mentioned having other animals, including ferrets and a pixie Bobcat named Liger.

Ellen also brought up Paris’ popular reality show, The Simple Life, where she and Nicole Richie take on jobs they’ve never done before. Paris shared some funny anecdotes about cleaning hotel rooms, making sausages, and even being housekeepers at a nudist colony. The experience made her appreciate the hard work done by people in such professions and made her more conscious of cleanliness.

To end the segment, Ellen asked for fashion advice from Paris for her appearance at the Emmys. Paris shared tips on how to exude confidence and strike the right poses on the red carpet. She emphasized the importance of looking regal and confident, posing with slenderized hips and a slight over-the-shoulder glance.

Overall, Paris’ first appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show was filled with humor, playful banter, and interesting insights into Paris’ life and career. It’s no wonder that this talk show continues to be a hit, attracting top celebrities like Paris Hilton.