The recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert had an interesting and lively discussion with comedian and correspondant, Desi Lydic. The conversation revolved around her experience of transitioning from playing a character to hosting the show and her thoughts on current events.

Lydic, known for her hilarious correspondent pieces on The Daily Show, shared that as a correspondent, she often had to interview multiple people in a single piece to discuss different stories. However, when she became the host of the show, she had to learn how to have genuine conversations with guests at the desk without the safety net of playing a character. This transition required her to be comfortable being herself and expressing her own thoughts and humor.

As the conversation moved on, the topic of former host Jon Stewart‘s return to The Daily Show came up. Lydic admitted that this was her first time working with Stewart, describing him as “the best.” Despite her playful comments about his tyrannical nature, it was clear that she had a deep admiration for him. The banter continued, with Lydic joking about the American retirement system and the never-ending news cycle that often overshadows other important events.

When asked about the news topics they cover on The Daily Show, Lydic expressed enthusiasm for the Stormy Daniels‘ trial. She pointed out the irony in media outlets continuing to refer to Stormy Daniels by her stage name rather than her real name, Stephanie Clifford. Lydic humorously compared it to calling Tom Hanks “Forrest Gump” during a trial. This lively discussion exemplified the unique and entertaining perspective that The Daily Show brings to current events.

Desi Lydic‘s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert showcased her talent and humor as she discussed her role as both a correspondent and a host. Her ability to balance witty character portrayals with genuine conversations added a refreshing dynamic to the late-night talk show format. With the ongoing success of The Late Show and The Daily Show, it’s clear that viewers are eager for more entertaining and insightful discussions about the latest news.