Everwood’s Scott Wolf made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show and charmed the audience with his energetic personality. Known for his roles in Party of Five and Everwood, Scott Wolf is a talented actor who has garnered a strong following over the years.

During the interview, Scott Wolf discussed his recent marriage and expressed his happiness in being a newlywed. He married Kelly in her hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas, which holds a special place in their hearts. The couple had a village wedding where family and friends came together to help with the invitations, food, and catering, creating a truly memorable experience.

Scott Wolf shared a funny anecdote about his early dates with Kelly, revealing that he had a tendency to accidentally break things. Despite his clumsiness, she continued to go out with him, and they fell in love quickly. They have now been happily married for three months and couldn’t be happier.

On the show, Scott Wolf also shared his excitement about their new addition to the family – a furry friend. He and Kelly recently got a puppy, which has brought them even more joy and happiness. The adorable pup stole the show as pictures of him were shown to the audience.

Aside from discussing his personal life, Scott Wolf also talked about his role in the hit TV show Everwood. Joining the show in its third season, Scott shared that it was a bit intimidating to join such a well-established series. However, he felt fortunate to have experienced a similar situation with Party of Five, which helped him understand the dynamics of joining an existing cast.

Filmed in Utah, Everwood portrays the town of Everwood, Colorado. Scott joked about the decision to film in Utah instead of Colorado, but ultimately, he and his wife have been enjoying living there. They have been exploring the beautiful outdoors, going hiking, biking, and camping.

Scott Wolf‘s character, Dr. Hartman, adds an interesting twist to Everwood as he brings his Los Angeles charm to the small town. There’s something mysterious about Dr. Hartman, and audiences are left wondering whether he has ulterior motives. Scott hinted that his character may be a “nice bad guy” or a “bad nice guy,” adding excitement to the series.

Fans of Scott Wolf and Everwood will surely be intrigued by his latest interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show. With his charming personality and intriguing role in Everwood, Scott continues to captivate audiences and deliver exceptional performances.