Undeterred, Letterman expressed his goal to be a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show before he wraps up his illustrious career. He shared his determination to persevere and keep a positive attitude despite not receiving any word from Oprah or her team.

To spice things up, Letterman introduced the segment “Audience Show & Tell,” where members of the audience would show and tell something interesting. Phil Sterling from Syracuse, New York, kicked off the segment by showcasing a giant sandwich and vowing to eat the entire thing on stage. As the audience watched, Phil began his sandwich-eating challenge in front of an amused crowd.

The fun continued with Chang Cho, a co-owner of a bar in California, who showcased his impressive autograph collection. From Julia Roberts to Frank Sinatra, Chang had an array of famous signatures that left the audience in awe.

Next up was Jenny Campbell from New York City, who shared her love for weight training and showed off adorable photographs of her grandson. Jane Bennett from Fairfield, Connecticut, a housewife and mother of three, took center stage and revealed that her problem was her perpetually cold hands. She jokingly asked Letterman if he could turn up the heat in the studio, much to the laughter of the audience.

Throughout the segment, Letterman’s charisma and quick wit kept the energy high. While his quest to be a guest on Oprah’s show remained unfulfilled, he showed his ability to entertain and engage with the audience in his own unique way.

This episode of David Letterman‘s talk show served as a reminder of his comedic talent and his ability to connect with guests and viewers alike. Despite not hearing from Oprah, Letterman’s “Audience Show & Tell” segment provided plenty of laughs and entertainment for the audience, showcasing why his talk show remains a favorite among audiences worldwide.