During a recent appearance on the talk show Conan O’Brien, Jordan Schlansky questioned whether Conan ever cries during movies. A fascinating exchange between the two, this conversation shed light on the inner workings of the host’s mind and his unique comedic perspective.

In their conversation, Conan proclaims that he doesn’t have time to shed tears while watching films or appreciating art. Instead, his mind automatically gears toward finding humor in every situation. Even when confronted with powerful emotional moments in movies like “Interstellar,” Conan’s inclination is to crack jokes rather than feel overwhelmed by the experience.

Conan extends this characteristic to his visits to museums as well. While others may marvel at the artistic masterpieces and feel a sense of awe, Conan finds himself searching for the comedic angle, much to his amusement and bewilderment. Whether it’s pondering the humor in a painting or not understanding the significance of Michelangelo’s David, Conan’s mind perpetually seeks out comedy, even in situations where most people would expect a different emotional reaction.

The conversation also delves into the nature of Conan’s comedy. Jordan Schlansky notes that Conan’s ability to seamlessly blend in and support his guests, whether they bring their own material or need assistance, is a testament to his skills as a talk show host. The comparison is drawn to Conan’s previous late-night show, where he created a platform for showcasing comedy and allowed others to shine.

Moreover, the discussion turns to an episode of “Hot Ones,” where Conan’s appearance left Jordan Schlansky impressed and amazed. As Conan interacted with the host of the show, his ability to adapt to the format and showcase his comedic prowess was evident. Jordan Schlansky especially appreciated how Conan let the guest take the spotlight and supported them when needed, much like how he used to do on his own late-night show.

Overall, the conversation between Jordan Schlansky and Conan O’Brien on the talk show provided insight into Conan’s unique comedic mindset and his ability to find humor in every situation. Regardless of whether it is a movie, a museum visit, or a talk show appearance, Conan’s mind is constantly working to create comedic moments, making him a truly extraordinary and entertaining host.

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