The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon always manages to bring a lively and fun audience, but a recent commercial break took that energy to a whole new level. Jimmy took some time during the break to chat with the Fleet Week audience, and the conversation was nothing short of entertaining.

Jimmy expressed his gratitude to the audience for their service, saying, “I always love this show because it’s so fun to look out and see everyone in uniform. So thanks for doing this and you look good, and it’s a great commercial for what you do as well.”

As Jimmy got talking about his Navy background, he told a hilarious story about his dad. “My dad was in the Navy. He served and a good man. Uh, he was on the Constellation was his ship. He got so drunk once, they came — When you moor, I guess. So he got off, went out with his, uh, with everyone. Just went drinking, came back and some dude was in his bed.”

Expecting the intruder to leave, he said, “Hey, get out of my bed.” But the guy insisted it was his bed. This led to a comical almost-fight situation that had to be broken up. To everyone’s surprise, it turned out that Jimmy’s dad was on the wrong aircraft carrier. Talk about a mix-up!

Jimmy didn’t just share funny anecdotes, though. He also touched on the importance of the military and expressed his admiration for the audience members. “It’s pretty amazing what everyone does. But I’m a fan of you,” he said.

Of course, the conversation wouldn’t be complete without some banter. Jimmy asked the members of the newly formed Space Force how things were going. The audience erupted in laughter as Jimmy joked about the wild west nature of being part of such a new endeavor.

The audience interaction didn’t stop there. There was talk of challenge coins, a tradition within the military. Jimmy revealed he had a nice collection but felt a bit awkward about the idea of challenging someone to buy him a drink with one. However, this led to one member of the audience presenting Jimmy with a challenge coin of his own.

The excitement continued as Jimmy thanked the audience for their service and expressed his happiness that they were there. He even invited them to come back again. The positive energy in the room was palpable.

In a touching moment, Jimmy acknowledged the 19 years of service of one audience member and thanked him for his dedication. It was clear that Jimmy genuinely appreciated the sacrifices made by those in the military.

This unexpected interaction just goes to show that The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is not just about entertaining viewers at home. It’s a platform that allows celebrities and hosts to connect with their audience on a personal level. And in this case, it created a memorable commercial break that the Fleet Week audience members will surely never forget.