On a recent episode of the David Letterman talk show, there was no shortage of exciting topics to discuss. From basketball player Caitlyn Clark to the Indy 500, the conversation was lively and entertaining.

Filling in for Barbara Gaines on the show, Dave and Mary welcomed Indiana Fever basketball star Caitlyn Clark. They discussed the fast-paced style of play in women’s basketball and how Caitlyn handles the physicality of the game. Despite getting knocked around on the court, Caitlyn remains resilient and avoids reacting negatively.

The conversation then shifted to the world of professional athletics, with Dave expressing surprise at the level of physicality in women’s sports. He mentioned that sometimes women can be more vicious to each other than men, which seemed to contradict his perception of a code of behavior among professional athletes. While he acknowledged that certain sports like hockey and football expect physicality, basketball traditionally has less bumping. However, it appears that the level of physicality has increased, much to Dave’s surprise.

Dave and Mary also delved into their recent experience at the Indianapolis 500, where weather played a significant role in the race. Due to rain delays, they found themselves at the track at 1 a.m., with the race eventually starting in the middle of the night. Despite the challenges, the race turned out to be thrilling, and Dave spoke proudly about winning the race in 2020. He also mentioned the unique aspect of the race taking place without a crowd due to COVID-19, making it a rather unusual but pleasant experience.

In addition to the on-track action, Dave shared some interesting tidbits about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He mentioned how the infamous “Snake Pit” tradition, known for rowdy behavior and often resulting in arrests, was moved to a different turn on the track. Nowadays, the racetrack hosts concerts and thrill shows during the race, adding an extra element of excitement for spectators.

The conversation wrapped up with Dave showcasing some videos and photos from the race day experience, highlighting the energy and anticipation on the starting grid. He also couldn’t resist a humorous moment, as Walter interjected with a coarse comment that both shocked and amused everyone.

Overall, it was an engaging episode filled with sports talk and unexpected revelations. Whether it’s discussing the physicality of women’s basketball or sharing behind-the-scenes moments from the Indy 500, the David Letterman talk show continues to entertain and keep audiences hooked.