In a recent episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” host Stephen Colbert wasted no time diving into the political landscape. With the upcoming presidential election, Colbert couldn’t resist bringing up the current frontrunner against Donald Trump, Joseph R. Biden.

Colbert revealed that Biden was featured on the cover of Time Magazine, a signal of his growing popularity among young voters. The title of the cover, “If He Wins,” was a playful nod to the parallels between Biden and Trump, who had a similar cover title in the past. Colbert jokingly mentioned that Time Magazine was also planning a cover featuring RFK Jr., adding a humorous touch to the segment.

But it wasn’t only Biden who made headlines. Colbert shared that he himself graced the cover of Entertainment Weekly. With a headline proclaiming, “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Stephen Colbert,” the late-night host couldn’t help but express his excitement. Colbert playfully admitted that he couldn’t actually read the headline without his glasses, sparking laughter from the audience.

Switching back to Biden, Colbert highlighted the president’s executive order allowing temporary border closure to migrants. He emphasized the irony of an “anti-immigration liberal,” making this move, labeling it as the most restrictive border policy implemented by any modern Democrat. Colbert cheekily suggested that the border wall would be “gluten-free,” and the barbed wire would be “pro-choice,” injecting his signature satirical humor into the discussion.

As the monologue continued, Colbert mentioned Trump’s recent appearance on Fox and Friends Weekend, where he answered questions submitted by viewers. Trump’s responses showcased his unique perspective on various topics, from choosing a Democrat to have dinner with (a former Democrat he used to meet with but now refuses to speak to) to his relationship with religion. When asked about his relationship with God, Trump replied that religion was a great thing, as it motivates people to be good to get into Heaven.

Colbert, always quick-witted, likened Trump’s reasoning for being good to a child’s logic, jokingly referencing the Elf on the Shelf. He humorously pointed out the contradiction in saying that people should be good for Heaven, likening it to a child saying they would murder their parents if not for the Elf on the Shelf.

The talk show host didn’t spare Democrats from his sharp comedic commentary either. Colbert highlighted a recent indictment of Kenneth Cheesebro, a former Trump attorney involved in the plan to send a fake slate of electors to overturn the election. He couldn’t resist poking fun at Cheesebro’s name and Wisconsin’s decision to go after someone named “Cheesebro.”

Bringing some levity to the show, Colbert showed a heartwarming moment from the House floor, where a congressman brought his six-year-old son to denounce the verdict against Trump. The adorable child stole the spotlight and left viewers in awe of his charm. Colbert praised the child’s appearance, expressing how much he loved seeing such moments on C-SPAN.

As the segment came to an end, Colbert shifted gears, mentioning Twitter’s recent rule change that allowed explicit pornography on the platform. With his characteristic wit, he quipped about the ironic nature of finding explicit content on a website now called “X.” Colbert’s humor shined through as he remarked that now “everything” on the internet narrows down to causing sexual arousal.

Colbert wrapped up the monologue by teasing the upcoming guests on the show, which included musicians Vgo Morton and Olivia Cook, as well as a special performance from the Broadway cast of “Illinois.” With his lively and entertaining style, Colbert left audiences eagerly awaiting what was to come next on “The Late Show.”

Overall, Colbert’s monologue on “The Late Show” was packed with humor and insightful takes on the latest news. From Biden’s cover on Time Magazine to Trump’s responses in interviews, Colbert’s witty commentary kept audiences engaged and entertained throughout the segment.