Ginnifer Goodwin, the talented actress known for her role in the hit show Big Love, recently appeared on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show where she showcased her impressive screaming skills. In a lighthearted and hilarious conversation, Goodwin shared anecdotes about her early acting days, including a small part she had on Law and Order.

During the interview, Goodwin revealed that her first job in the industry was a minor role on Law and Order, which she described as a rite of passage for aspiring actors living in New York City. She humorously recalled being in the “pre-dun” part, which is the scene right before the theme song kicks in. Goodwin even shared how she audaciously asked to audition for the role of the dead body’s girlfriend because that character got to scream, unlike her initial role. Her bold move paid off, and she ended up playing the character who screamed.

Conan, always up for some on-air shenanigans, decided to engage in a playful skit with Goodwin. He pretended to be a talk show host who had been murdered, and Goodwin, as the detective, discovered the crime scene. They acted out the opening of a Law and Order episode, with Goodwin demonstrating her impressive screaming abilities. The audience was left in stitches as they witnessed her convincing performance.

The Interview took a witty turn when Conan remarked on the experimental jazz played by the band at the end of the skit, which left both of them bewildered. They jokingly questioned whether they could get into trouble for using the iconic “Dun-Dun” sound, which is associated with Law and Order. Despite sharing a comical moment, culminating in another round of screaming and laughter, they concluded that it’s probably best to avoid using the iconic sound.

As the conversation continued, Goodwin discussed the final season of Big Love, a show she had been a part of and cherished. She shared her sadness over the series coming to an end, describing it as “bitter” rather than “bittersweet.” Goodwin expressed her love for the job and talked about the consistent feedback she receives from women who thank her for portraying the complexities of polygamous relationships on the show. She humorously shared instances where women informed her that watching Big Love helped prevent their partners from suggesting additional partners in the bedroom.

Throughout the interview, Goodwin’s engaging personality and witty banter with Conan kept the audience entertained. Her remarkable acting skills and ability to bring characters to life were on full display, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating her future projects.

In this captivating interview, Ginnifer Goodwin demonstrated her immense talent and ability to captivate an audience. Her engaging conversation with Conan O’Brien created a fun and memorable moment that left everyone laughing and wanting more. Goodwin’s undeniable talent and charismatic presence made this talk show appearance truly unforgettable.