In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, actor David Oyelowo revealed an interesting tidbit about his upbringing and the influence of television on his career choices. When asked about the pop culture that inspired him, Oyelowo mentioned a show called “L.A. Law.” He explained that his father had always wanted one of his sons to become a lawyer, and he became fascinated with the character played by Blair Underwood on the show.

Oyelowo shared that he developed a love for acting but also felt the pressure to pursue a more conventional career. The combination of seeing Blair Underwood portray a successful lawyer and bringing his passion for storytelling to life on television drew him to “L.A. Law.” Oyelowo admitted to even applying to law school at one point because of the influence of the show.

During the interview, O’Brien also discovered that Oyelowo was a fan of the classic sitcom “Happy Days.” Oyelowo explained that he loved the show because of the fun and the coolness associated with Henry Winkler’s character, The Fonz. However, Oyelowo also revealed a humorous anecdote about trying to imitate The Fonz’s hair combing style with his own afro hairstyle. In a surprising twist, he later discovered that Henry Winkler held the comb up to his hair and never actually ran it through his hair, causing Oyelowo’s attempts to imitate him to be in vain.

Oyelowo reminisced about encountering Henry Winkler in person, sharing a funny and surreal encounter where he witnessed his childhood hero mopping up water from a wet car seat. The experience shattered the illusion of the cool and composed character Oyelowo had idolized, but it also created a memorable and humorous moment for him.

Switching gears, O’Brien asked Oyelowo about his time in a military academy-like boarding school in Nigeria. Oyelowo confirmed that he indeed wore a uniform and described the strict and disciplined environment of the school. He shared a mischievous story about daringly attempting to steal something from the headmaster’s fridge only to be caught red-handed.

O’Brien then related to Oyelowo’s story by sharing his own experience of wearing a uniform at summer camp. He recalled being issued a uniform with a stripe down the side, feeling slightly out of place compared to his usual attire. Although not quite as intense as a military academy, O’Brien jested about the challenges of wearing a uniform with a stripe down the pants.

In this entertaining interview, viewers got a glimpse of David Oyelowo‘s childhood influences and the amusing and sometimes unexpected twists and turns that shaped his career and life experiences. The conversation on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show showcased Oyelowo’s charm and provided an intriguing insight into the actor’s journey.