Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live as a guest to talk about her new movie A Quiet Place: Day One. The prequel to the highly successful A Quiet Place franchise will hit theaters on June 28th.

Nyong’o looked stunning as she entered the stage and received a warm applause from the audience. She discussed various topics during her interview with Jimmy Kimmel, revealing some interesting details about her personal life and experiences in Los Angeles.

When asked about her name, Nyong’o explained that it represents both her Mexican and Kenyan heritage. While some friends call her “Lou” or “Peta,” she prefers to go by Lupita. She recently moved to LA exactly a year ago in search of peace and tranquility, but she joked that she may have chosen the wrong place due to the bustling city life.

Despite the chaos, Nyong’o emphasized the importance of finding pockets of calm amidst the chaos, particularly after the challenging year of 2020. For her, nature and greenery bring healing, which prompted her decision to relocate to LA. But she did mention encountering coyotes, although she isn’t particularly fearful of them.

In her new movie A Quiet Place: Day One, Nyong’o stars alongside an adorable cat. Surprisingly, the actress admitted being afraid of cats until she immersed herself in this film. She even confessed to considering asking the director if she could work with an armadillo instead. However, she realized the idea was peculiar and decided to embrace the cat, which actually inspired her to adopt one of her own.

As an LA transplant, Nyong’o discussed her experience with driving in the city. Having previously driven in Kenya, she enjoys the freedom it provides. However, she lamented the fact that Los Angelenos tend to stick to their respective neighborhoods, making it challenging to establish a social life. She admitted that she often ends up driving long distances to meet friends in different parts of the city, despite the notorious LA traffic.

The conversation then shifted towards Father’s Day, and Nyong’o revealed that both she and her dad will be in New York on that day. Being from Kenya, she mentioned that they celebrate both the UK version and the American version of Father’s Day, thus causing some confusion. Nevertheless, she expressed her love for her parents, highlighting the importance of appreciating fathers on this special day.

Returning after the break, Nyong’o and Kimmel delved into discussing her new movie A Quiet Place: Day One. The film serves as a prequel, exploring the initial invasion of aliens on planet Earth. When asked about her family’s reaction to the movie, Nyong’o shared that her mom is not particularly fond of horror films and wonders why her daughter doesn’t opt for happier roles. However, her mom still watches her movies diligently to conduct “research” on her daughter’s work.

Nyong’o clarified that she doesn’t consider the film a traditional horror movie. Rather, she believes it fits more into the psychological thriller genre and is character-driven. She explained that the audience becomes emotionally invested in the characters and their relationships, making it a gripping experience. Furthermore, this installment in the franchise reveals more of the creatures that have terrified audiences since the first film.

Interestingly, Nyong’o recently participated in Guillermo‘s ASMR talk show segment. While she doesn’t personally watch ASMR videos, she was the first guest on Guillermo‘s show, where they whispered and engaged in gentle activities like popping bubble wrap and enjoying pop rocks.

Overall, Nyong’o’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was entertaining and lively. She shared amusing anecdotes about her experiences in LA, her newfound affection for cats, and her excitement for the release of A Quiet Place: Day One. Fans eagerly await the opening of the prequel, which promises to bring more thrills and suspense to the ever-expanding franchise.