Noel Fielding recently appeared on the talk show “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” and gave a captivating interview. The transcript reveals some interesting tidbits about Fielding’s comedy tour and his unique approach to stand-up.

Fielding’s tour, which he describes as an evening that is “now filled in,” takes inspiration from Victorian jobs and even includes some stand-up comedy. He explains that when he started in comedy, around the same time as Alan Carr himself, it was a very different landscape in comparison to today.

During the interview, Noel Fielding also discusses the audience’s reaction to his stand-up show. He humorously remarks that most comedy shows typically feature a comedian standing on stage with a microphone. However, Fielding’s show goes beyond the traditional stand-up format. It incorporates costume changes, dancing, music, and even cartoons. He aims to provide a multi-dimensional experience for the audience, combining various forms of entertainment.

Fielding’s show also includes animation and sketch comedy. In the second half of the performance, he even gets kidnapped from the stage and takes on different characters in his search for freedom. One notable character he portrays is a New York cop who interacts with the audience in an interrogative manner.

The interactive nature of Fielding’s show is evident as he mentions that the front row of the audience is particularly involved. In fact, during the show’s filming in Melbourne, parents dressed their kids up as Fielding’s characters and sat them in the front rows, much to the comedian’s amusement.

Noel Fielding also shares some amusing anecdotes about heckling incidents during his performances. He recalls a gig where someone called him out, only for a woman in the audience to recognize the caller as someone who had stolen her handbag from a pub. These unexpected moments add an element of unpredictability to Fielding’s shows and demonstrate his quick wit.

In another incident, while performing in Halifax, there was a drunken fight that broke out in the audience. Interestingly, one of the individuals involved in the altercation turned out to be the local town planner. Fielding’s ability to navigate such situations and keep the audience engaged highlights his exceptional talent as a performer.

Aside from his tour, the interview also touches on Fielding’s personal style. He playfully mentions that he was voted the 35th best-dressed man in Britain by GQ magazine. However, he confesses that he feels his ranking is decreasing over time. Despite not having a particular fashion sense, Fielding values being acknowledged in these lists. He jokes about not having a slang kit or a bicycle, but recalls seeing Jarvis Cocker once in a corduroy suit, which left a lasting impression on him.

Fielding also engages in a style challenge with Alan Carr, where they agree to swap outfits. This playful exchange showcases Fielding’s willingness to embrace different looks and experiment with fashion.

In summary, Noel Fielding‘s appearance on “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” provided a glimpse into his comedy tour and his unique blend of stand-up, animation, and sketch comedy. Fielding’s ability to captivate and entertain his audience shines through in his anecdotes about heckling incidents and his humorous take on fashion. Overall, his interview left fans eagerly anticipating his upcoming performances and eager to see what the multi-talented comedian will do next.